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Showa '32' Fork Piston Kit

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Introducing the Krooztune Showa Fork Piston Kit - The Ultimate Fix for your Showa 49mm Fork 

Fits:  All Showa 49mm forks found in Honda, Kawasaki and suzuki offroad bikes. 

Kit includes: 

  • Pre Assembled Compression posts ready to bolt on with base setting selected
  • Base setting sheet including multiple valving options 
  • Compression Mid valve Springs for better holdup and feel.  Mid valve setting suggestions included in setting sheet to complete the fork build
  • Motocross and Offroad settings 
  • Settings options from Amatuer thru to Pro

Get ready for a whole new level of performance from your Showa 49 Fork with our Showa '32' Piston Kit. Our track testing has proven that this kit provides a stable, smooth action with much more control, making it on par with the best front fork setups from other brand suspensions.

Our kit moves away from Showa's large port design with 12mm shims and instead offers a more controlled 4 Port Piston with 360-degree Port design, allowing for superior oil exit from all piston ports. 

The 32mm Face Shims provide infinite tuning options, while the multiple base setting options included offer a head start on any desired custom setting. With an 8mm Shim Post (Oem Showa 12mm), the kit is designed to accept and operate alongside the large 14mm showa shaft displacement.  We have dyno and track tested this extensively to remove the in hand harshness that seems to pop up easily whilst attempting to tune the oem showa piston and fork setup. 

The best part? Our kit is bolt-on and pre-assembled with a selected base setting at the time of purchase, making installation easy and ensuring on-track results.

For a custom absolute ready to go assembly please call the shop or send a short email and we will install setting to  your specific needs ready to go upon delivery.  An example woudl be:

"I ride Vet Motocross, 44 years old, 85kg/187lbs , B level ability but still like to jump all the big jumps"  We can help advise best setting installed.

Experience an all-new feeling from your Showa 49 Fork with Krooztune Showa '32' piston Kit! 


Further CRF Kit parts: 

-CRF 50mm Shock Piston Kit 

-Nitrogen Bladder cap 

-Spring Seat 

-CRF Performance 23 Linkage 

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