Workshop Services

Krooztune suspension's workshop division will keep your bike handling like it should.   We recommend and stock all high end service and wear parts at our workshop in Boronia to allow fast turnaround of your bike or suspension units.  Most jobs are turned around 3-5 days, but sooner upon request. 

Aside from basic service and lowering work we specialise in custom setup's based on your riding discipline, plus your weight and ability. This may involve revalving, replacement springs, oil levels, internal suspension upgrade parts, chassis linkages and various other factors that need to be considered. We have a settings bank of tried and tested configurations and we are constantly working on improvements as new models and designs come to hand.


A Basic rundown on setup and services we offer- 


A revalve is a total fork build that is suited to your weight and speed. Obviously, a motocross rider will run their forks and shock with much harder dampening than a weekend trail rider. Try to ride a motocross bike in the bush and you will beat yourself up over the tree roots and shake your teeth out down fire trails. Vice versa for trail/enduro bikes on motocross tracks. Your bike has ‘valving’ settings pre-set from new, internally set to an average rider with an average weight with an average speed. This setting must try to work well for everyone.

To customise your setup, we will need your weight and an indication of speed to get a good gauge on which settings to install to your fork and shock. The more information supplied, the better.

A description such as: “I am 90kg, ride MX B grade, finish mid pack, my forks are too soft, shock feels okay, and mainly ride in sand tracks” would be a good starting point for us. To capture this information, download our Rider Information Sheet.



After our initial tune, feel free to drop in and have your settings slightly modified if you believe necessary. In the vast majority of cases, this isn’t required, but we are more than happy to make minor adjustments once your suspension is revalved initially. We realise you’re making an investment and we want you to be 100% happy. Without a crystal ball it is hard to be perfect but we do want our suspension to be spot on for you.

Fork Seals

Leaking fork seals are very common in todays upside down forks. The exposed chrome lower leg running so close to the tyre and wheel often results in rocks logs and dirt being fired onto them despite the factory fork guard being in place. A common quote: “my old XR never leaked” is heard often! These conventional style forks have the chrome well off the ground and even totaly sealed in a rubber boot, the result being a seal that never leaks. We polish (never cross hatch or ‘sand’ your fork leg) every set of forks we disassemble. We inspect for even the slightest chip in the chrome that could cut your new fork seal. These chips are polished flat back to new condition and cleaned again before asssembly. We use and recommend genuine seals, and keep both dust and fork seals in stock. This makes fast turn around easy upon request. To keep your forks working at thier best check out the tips below:

  • Wash your forks after riding; a simple but effective tip. Make sure not to miss dirt around the front hiding behind the guard.
  • Wipe off excess mud after each race or if you stop for lunch out on the trail. A rag and water will easily do the job.
  • Never let mud dry out on your fork leg. This dirt will ‘weld’ itself to your chrome fork leg, driving all the dirt up into your forks seals and bushes.
  • Lever your dust seals down off the fork body (use a small flat screw driver carefully) when you wash your bike and clean thoroughly. Although it may be too little too late it will get excess dirt out so as it wont affect your forks on your next ride.

Beware of STICKY or STIFF-feeling forks. This notchy seizing feeling is a result of your fork bushes being packed up with dirt. Usually a seal will leak also, but we have come across totally jammed forks with seals still intact. Fork service and possibly new bushes will solve this.

Suspension Lowering/Raising

Are you just plain short and struggle to stay upright on steep hills and bends? 20 – 50mm can make all the difference and is easily achieved. Lowering linkages on the rear and internal destroking of the front can make your weekend ride much more enjoyable.  We offer complete professional custom bike Lowering,  keeping your bike balanced front to rear and handling like it should.

Junior Lowering + Setup 

Fast junior riders need a compromise between height and performance to make sure they achieve fast lap times. With smaller bikes having less ground clearance and very often being ridden to their full potential, a good handling balance is vital. A little lower to help with corner speed but not so much that it restricts suspension action. 10-15mm is not really noticeable looking at a bike, but usually improves handling greatly for the little guys.

Too big for your bike?

This common problem amongst juniors can be overcome with our in-house fabrication work. It is possible to raise 65cc/85cc/150cc Minis substantially. We can also assist larger senior riders with correct springs & settings for their weight and can add bar raisers and modify their seat foam to help. This will make the trasition from sitting to standing much easier!

Suspension Servicing

Krooz Tune Suspension services all makes and models. We use the best products, keeping your fork and shocks operating like they should. We also offer advice regarding frequency of suspension servicing, depending on riding conditions and how often you ride. We are industry experts at rebuilding/resealing forks and shocks back to their original glory both for the public and major motorcycle dealers across Australia. A fast turnaround fork seal service is available upon request. 


We offer a complete handling service for your motorcycle. From time to time, this may include modification or complete replacement of certain components. In addition to the services described above, we can manufacture specialised parts, fit steering dampers, almost anything related to motorcycle handling. If you have a specific requirement, we’ll be happy to provide advice.