Bike Setup Yamaha YZ65

Make:  Yamaha

Model: YZ65

Relevant Years: 2018 - 2023

Oem Trim / Test notes:  Yamaha’s newest addition and well received 65cc capacity racer is a great bike but much like the YZ85, it is missing key internal components to compete against the Ktm group machines.   

Our setup kit for this bike addresses these key issues. In the fork we add in a hydraulic bottoming system for better control on heavy landings and deep in the stroke.  This addition is already in all the senior YZ/YZF range as oem, it is a must add into the YZ65 system that only runs old technology in hard bottom out rubbers. 

Alongside this in the fork much finer tolerance spring guides are fitted to guide the system smoothly throughout the action.  Improved flow pistons and a valving setting to match result in a super smooth KYB mini fork. 

With the fork we found issues with both compression and rebound setting. Its harsh and slow to return.   The shock is wooden like in action and results in a jacked rear that doesn’t move into the stroke easily.  We dyno and track tested settings that allow a more free action, absorbing bumps easier with less feedback transferring to these light weight riders.

Feedback from the kids? Straight up it is night and day better than the KTM in front fork feeling. The rears much the same result between the 2 bikes.  Yamaha 65 forks setup are by far the best.  Once setup and the kit parts fitted these forks are smooth, butter like smooth you can feel in the workshop and on the race track, a top class well performing unit. 



Base Setup and kit fitment – Disassemble clean and inspect suspension units.  Install kit/service parts required and rebuild suspension units to specification.   $480

Krooz Racing Setup kit YZ85 - $695

Kit includes:

Fork Spring Guides

This kit includes:

Fork Parts

  • Spring Guides 
  • Hydraulic Bottoming System
  • 17mm Face Compression pistons and shims
  • Mid valve shim stack setting including Shims

Shock Parts

  • High and Low speed compression adjuster
  • Main piston assembly and shim setting
  • Fast adjust alloy lockring
  • Specification with 3 levels of setup A/pro, B and C level racers.
  • Decal set. 


Lowering Options Available, call for information



If rider weight is outside of oem spring rate range, heavier or lighter fork and shock springs may be required.

Fork $219.95

Shock $219.95

*Service wear parts and performance upgrade parts not included   


Additional Service Options

Chassis service / regrease pivot points.  Head stem, Linkage, swingarm. Labour and grease $150

*Wear parts not included


Common Service parts

SKF Heavy Duty Forkseals $100

Shock Sealhead rebuild kit $50

Fork Bushes x2 $40 (most common) or x4 bushes in kit $80


Further Performance Suspension Upgrade Options

Preload reducing fork caps – These forks are over preloaded on the main fork spring.  Our billet caps allow easy set preload to the desired amount.  Best set at time of building.


YZ65 Super mini parts +28mm higher and longer (please call for pricing)

  • Seat and Tank Lift kit
  • Swingarm extension (requires longer chain)
  • Extended fork caps
  • Custom internal shock parts

Technical Touch Factory Kit Option

Please call

Xtrig Clamps $1150 including PHDS bar mounts


Steering Damper

Precision Steering Damper available $1100