Bike Setup Yamaha WR450F/250F

Make:  Yamaha

Model: WR450F WR250F YZ250FX YZ450FX

Relevant Years: 2016-2023

Oem Trim / Test notes:  The WR is a solid well rounded trail bike in oem trim.  Much like the YZF range the setup is very straight forward with no major chassis issues.  We have found good improvements for this bike with setting changes and a revalve of the suspension to suit each riders weight and terrain most encountered.  Especially used with the 2021 + models we have had great success using our Mid Valve Float post assembly.  This Krooz Racing part in the fork allows initial fork plushness to be easily turned into the action.  This results in more grip across the slippery tree roots and unstable terrain combined with a plush feeling thru the handlebars.   The rear shock is valved to match and to suit each riders weight.



Base Setup – Disassemble clean and inspect suspension units.  Modify Valving specs to Krooztune tested data.  Install service parts required and rebuild suspension units to specification.

Fork only $450

Shock only $350  

Fork and Shock $800

Lowering Options Available, call for information



If rider weight is outside of oem spring rate range, heavier or lighter fork and shock springs may be required.

Fork $219.95

Shock $219.95

*Service wear parts and performance upgrade parts not included   


Additional Service Options

Chassis service / regrease pivot points.  Head stem, Linkage, swingarm. Labour and grease $150

*Wear parts not included


Optional Krooz Racing Performance parts:


Highspeed Compression piston – High flow Alloy piston to reduce highspeed shaft induced compression spikes.


Mid Valve Float Post Assembly – The oem mid valve compression and rebound post we have tested to be best suited for high level motocross applications, this is valved much like the firm YZ450/250F range.  In the trails and bush we find using our Krooz Racing Midvalve post assembly allows a much plusher feeling in hand and a setting better suited to Australian trail riding conditions.  Smoother overall suspension with a less harsh feel is achieved with this modification alongside custom valving setting to suit.  This mod is a must do for 2021 model on WR machines.  Some earlier WR models already have this style of mid valve installed as OEM from Yamaha.  We can advise this at time of setup.



Common Service parts

SKF Heavy Duty Forkseals $100

Shock Sealhead rebuild kit $50

Fork Bushes x2 $40 (most common) or x4 bushes in kit $80


Further Performance Suspension Upgrade Options

Xtrig Preload adjuster $280

DLC Black fork tubes $450 each (2 required)

Kashima Upper tubes $550 each (2 required)


Technical Touch Factory Kit Option

Fork  $5500

Shock $3700

Xtrig Clamps $1150 including PHDS bar mounts


Steering Damper

Precision Steering Damper available $1100