Pricing - Workshop


All forks are fully drained, stripped, cleaned, polished and inspected for any wear parts required.  All pricing includes high grade oils. Upon Inspection any further wear parts required will be extra and quoted before assembly.

  • Fork Reseal ( OEM Seals ) $250 
  • Fork Reseal ( SKF Premium Sealkits ) $300
  • Fork Reseal ( Gen WP Kits ) $325
  • Fork Revalve Senior $300 (Add $95 for skf or $45 for OEM Seals if required) Fitment is included in a revalve / setup 
  • Fork Revalve Juniour $240 (Add $95 for skf or $45 for OEM Seals if required) Fitment is included in a revalve / setup 
  • Fork Spring Set $180 
  • Labor charge to remove and replace to bike is required if suspension is supplied in bike. This charge includes Sag set / final dial in 


All shocks are fully drained, stripped , cleaned and polished before assessing for any wear parts required.  All shocks here at Krooztune are Vacuum Bled via our 3 step Vacuum bleeding process allowing minimal air mixed into the oil for less fade and longer durabilty.  After vacuum bleeding they are charged with oil,  nitrogen filled and pressure set to spec. 

Race, trail or road shocks all get this treatment.   Any further wear parts required will be extra

  • MX Shock Service inc Oil and Gas $180
  • Basic Trail / Road Shock Service inc oil and gas $250-350
  • Road Advanced shock rebuild $300-500 (BMW , Adventure shocks or any 'E controlled units)
  • MX/Trail Shock Revalve $250 ( inc oil and gas) 
  • Dyno Test Shock Unit $160
  • Shock Spring $180
  • All Wear parts extra eg Sealkits , bushes and bumpstops



Professional Lowering of your suspension units is easily achievable in house.

  • Basic Lowering ( suspension supplied ) $600 inc all oil and gas and destroking / lowering work or machiining
  • Advanced Lowering (suspension supplied only) Some bikes are notoriously more difficult than others to lower professionally.  Bikes that fall under this category start at $695 
  • Labor to remove and replace to the bike is extra
  • Any wear parts needed will be extra eg fork seals and bushings.
  • Sidestands need modified on most Trail jobs. Basic sidestand Modification $60 Advanced Modification ( required on some models) $120



Please call or drop in for more accurate pricing
*Upon Inspection further wear parts may be required , all jobs are quoted and advised before final assembly.