Husqvarna TE/FE Gen2 Complete Suspension Setup Kit
Husqvarna TE/FE Gen2 Complete Suspension Setup Kit
Husqvarna TE/FE Gen2 Complete Suspension Setup Kit

Husqvarna TE/FE Gen2 Complete Suspension Setup Kit

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Kits Available to fit all Husqvarna TE/FE 2019-2023 Models.

A complete Suspension Upgrade kit for the Xplor/Xact Equipped Husqvarna FE Offroad models. This kit includes extensive Krooztune Engineered Hard Parts and 3 Trail tested setting options so you can best decide the base setting most suited to your speed and skill level.  Matched with our 4 variant rebound setting this allows you to custom build your best setup.  

All info and specifications and advise are supplied in the kit backed up with email support direct from Krooztune HQ.

Fork and Shock options are supplied in our Specification sheet with simple easy to follow tuning options for both Rebound and Compression.

Full Instructions to install both the Fork kit and the rear Bladder can be found here

All shock absorbers should be built with the usual shock building procedures. If in doubt leave this to a local qualified motorcycle mechanic or suspension builder. We offer an easy shipping service with in AUS to make this step a breeze. 

Kit Setting Soft - Medium - Firm 

                                      3 Setting Option - Fork and Shock 

  1. Soft - Suits plush setting that absorbs all initial hits with ease. We have great results with this setting with our Vet / Older guys that dont want to get beat up all day on long rides. This setting is great for rocky terrain with square edge / tree roots hits.  
  2. Medium - Average fitness, Average speed great all round setting . A balance between soft and firm. Bump absorption with great hold up.  A setting that is both initally plush and still holds up.  This setting is great combined with adjusting the FA adjuster to suit specific terrain.  Riding rocks? Click the FA out a few softer in seconds.  
  3. Firm - Ex Mx racer or fit / fast / tall guy riding on the trails at pace?  This setting works well for guys that like a firmer mx style feeling.  Rip hard fast trail sections with ease.  Still not too firm but enough to charge hard.  We have tested our Trail setups on local MX tracks just to see what they can handle. Although the Offroad bikes felt a little heavier, slower and plusher than our MX race setups at the time of testing this,  we had a blast with embarrassingly fast 'FE' lap times compared to our laps on the setup Mxer's! 


All kits Shipped with Base setting installed 'Medium' 

"Trail tested in real world conditions"


Compression and Rebound Selection Options - Build your Own Custom Setup

All our Husqvarna Shock and Fork setting and data are supplied with various rebound settings ( 4 different variants to choose from) to suit all spring rates.  Running OEM rebound damping on a stock oem shock for example will result in a super springy uncontrolled shock.  The OEM setting does not offer enough control or damping to control a much heavier spring rate.  

Choose a base compression setting from Soft/Medium/Firm and match it with the correct rebound in our specification sheet ( choose to match to your spring rate , info supplied) and you will have a superior rear end that is adjustable and controlled.  

Kit Includes :

 See individual Kits and parts for detailed info 

**Kit is recommended to be fitted by a competent suspension tuner or service shop.  

Service Parts Available via catalog

Fork Seal Kits

Genuine KYB or Premium SKF Kits to complement the finest suspension builds

Genuine Slide Bushing

Friction Free suspension always install new slide bushing at service. Any dirt or build up in the teflon coating causes stiction and binding action

Genuine and Super Smooth

Eibach Ktech WP KYB

Only the best brands of springs. Outside of OEM we recommend Eibach and Ktech to ensure reliable accurate spring rates

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