Xplor FA48 Fork Flow Adjuster Kit - Gen2
Xplor FA48 Fork Flow Adjuster Kit - Gen2
Xplor FA48 Fork Flow Adjuster Kit - Gen2
Xplor FA48 Fork Flow Adjuster Kit - Gen2
Xplor FA48 Fork Flow Adjuster Kit - Gen2
Xplor FA48 Fork Flow Adjuster Kit - Gen2
Xplor FA48 Fork Flow Adjuster Kit - Gen2

Xplor FA48 Fork Flow Adjuster Kit - Gen2

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Gen2 ‘Flow 48’ WP Xplor Fork Upgrade Kit 

The successful Xplor ‘Flow48’ adjuster kit has been redeveloped and expanded in our generation 2,  offering an improved under hand feeling matched up with great big hit support.  

Fits : WP Xplor48 2017 - 2023

 This full kit includes:  

  • LHS - FA ‘Flow Adjuster’ Post complete with Rebound / Mid Valve Comp setting installed. 
  • RHS - Complete post and Mid valve Comp / Rebound assembly with valving already installed and the setting balanced to match up with the ‘FA’ post installed in the opposing fork. 
  • 2 x Base Valves  
  • Hydro Stop cartridge top  
  • Clicker settings and setup information 
  • Further Optional valving settings to revalve firmer or softer from the base setting installed.  
  • Install Instructions online and available here : Install Instructions 
  • Decals 

Complete Tool Kit to Install available here: 

WP Cap Spanner  

Clamp Set – Cartridge rod 12mm 

Cartridge Clamp (Install Hydro stop) 


 Kit Features

 Still including the powerful 'FA’ Flow Adjuster mechanism this all new generation2 kit is further developed to offer both more adjustability from hard to soft but also an improved more progressive and plush system with added support allowing soft plush settings in the trees with the added support for steep downhills and fast drop offs. 

Of course the largest benefit from this kit is not only the ability to switch from extreme enduro plush to a firmer setting in seconds but now also with a feeling that will rival any expensive cartridge insert modification.  Quick on the fly big swings in compression and on trail feeling is offered in seconds. This was only achieved by the addition of key parts and setting testing out on the trails and forest. 

Rebound damping in both forks– Spreading the load evenly through both forks and offering a superior on trail feeling. Adjustment remains via the oem red adjuster on the top of the RHS fork  

The Key Parts: 

 FA / Flow Adjuster Mech / Post Assembly 

*Our Gen2 Flow Adjuster is driven Via the OEM adjuster fork cap but can be used with our popular Gen1 fine Increment FA Adjuster Cap*

This complete post is ready to be bolted straight onto the LHS cartridge rod in complete replacement of the weaker oem unit. Already installed with our best tested setting for Xplor Offroad this will allow an easy install with no need to be confused with shim setting or alignment.

This is the main mechanism that offers a true soft to firm adjustment enabling you to dial in your preferred fork hold up and eliminate dive in seconds. We usually tune in a range of 10 clicks with this system covering Trail plush soft to a firmer MX like feel with holdup....Powerful   

Midvalve / Rebound Post Assembly 

 Designed to replace the oem unit without the need to remove or replace and shims or setting. This post assembly is complete ready to bolt straight onto the RHS fork cartrdige rod. Setting and valving is already installed to match and balance out with our FA Post in the opposing fork.  


Hydro Stop Cartridge top  

 This part replaces the OEM Cartridge top and simply bolts on as a replacement without the bleed holes that are used in the oem Xplor part. This modification transforms the fork into 2 balanced forks spreading the load across the pair of forks. Straight away a huge improvement in under hand feeling. 


Base Adjusters 

Happy with the Xplor fork ‘Flow adjuster’ clicker setting all dialled in to suit you, we can now easily finetune the small sharp hits out on the trails without upsetting the blance and overall stiffness the Flow Adjuster Mechanism offers. Rocks, Logs or anything small adjust the fork underside in clicks. Usual range we find 4-20 clicks out. Mainly for all bikes we near ended close to 12-14 clicks out every time across many test riders.  


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