Honda CRF1100 Africa Twin DCT ES Complete Lowering Kit
Honda CRF1100 Africa Twin DCT ES Complete Lowering Kit
Honda CRF1100 Africa Twin DCT ES Complete Lowering Kit

Honda CRF1100 Africa Twin DCT ES Complete Lowering Kit

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Introducing the Krooztune Complete Lowering Kit for Honda CRF1000/1100 Africa Twin DCT ES Models

Our Honda Africa Twin lowering kit offers three distinct lowering options:

  1. 30mm
  2. 50mm
  3. Adventure Sports (50mm only)

Our primary objective in designing this kit was to uphold the front-to-rear balance of your motorcycle while bringing it closer to the ground. Lowering only one end of the bike can lead to an imbalanced and unwieldy ride, adversely affecting its handling and chassis dynamics.

This comprehensive kit has been meticulously conceived and manufactured entirely in-house at Krooztune, utilizing cutting-edge CNC machining technology right here in Australia.

Please take note: Adventure Sport Models are exclusively available with the 50mm lowering option and are incompatible with Electronic Suspension-equipped models.

Key Features:


Preload tubes, install tool and destrokers are included to easily lower these electronic controlled forks.  Simply slide and clip on our destrokers after disassembly of the fork units.  See product Honda CRF1100 Africa Twin DCT ES Fork Lowering Kit for further information 


The rear portion of your motorcycle can be lowered by either 30mm or 50mm, depending on your selected kit, using a Billet Alloy Linkage arm precision-machined from high-grade 6061 Alloy.

Lowering the front end of your bike necessitates the expertise of a motorcycle repair shop or a certified mechanic with specialized suspension skills. Our Honda Africa Twin Lowering Kit includes all the essential components and comprehensive instructions for a precise and professional installation that preserves your motorcycle's balance.



Krooztune has engineered a CNC Machined Billet sidestand designed specifically for 30mm and 50mm lowered Honda Africa Twin CRF1000 models. A 30mm stand option is currently in the production pipeline.

Crafted from High-Grade 6061 Alloy, this sidestand effortlessly replaces the stock unit with a shorter length to maintain the correct lean angle when parked.

We provide detailed instructions and sleeves for modifying the center stand with every billet sidestand. While the center stand can function with a lowered bike, it may require slightly more effort to operate and get the bike into the upright center stand position.

Our kit includes all the necessary components and instructions to complete the center stand modifications, ensuring a factory-level result that is exceptionally sturdy. Center stand sleeves and components are included in the kit and are comprehensively detailed in the instruction manual.  Billet stand info 


  • Lowering linkage
  • Fork lowering kit
  • Sidestand
  • Machined center stand inserts for custom modification of the genuine OEM side stand
  • Comprehensive Pictured Instruction and Fitting Manual
  • Installation Instructions

Choose between the 50mm Kit or the 30mm Kit to find the perfect lowering solution for your Honda Africa Twin.

Model Fits DCT ES Models only 
• 2020 CRF1100D4 2AC
• 2021 CRF1100D4 AC 
• 2022 CRF1100D4 3AC 
• 2022 CRF1100D4 AC  
• 2023 CRF1100D4 AC  
• 2020 CRF1100A4 2AC
• 2021 CRF1100A4 AC  
• 2022 CRF1100A4 3AC 
• 2023 CRF1100A4 AC  

Special Tool available here  : Africa Twin ES Fork Tool 

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