KYB Cartridge Kit for WP AER fork Available now

KYB Cartridge Kit for WP AER fork Available now

It's no secret we have had great success with our KYB setup's over the years.  Winning 4 x MX National championships with Yamaha over the last 5 years , our KYB setup and data have been second to none. 

Now we are excited to announce we are now supplying and have tested this all new KYB to WP AER fork kit from KYB's Factory outlet in Europe - Technical Touch.

Setting's Tested and Available for Offroad racing , Trail riding and Mx.  With settings avaialble from Vet MX thru to A pro, we will have this installed with minimal adjustements.

Want to upgrade this kit further ? Add our KYB flow 'FA' Adjuster for big swings in adjustment on your KYB cartridge.

Although very successful with our high end Factory WP setup also (Both Wilson Todd and Todd Waters Winning 2019 MX1/MX2 Aus Championships on there WP Krooztune setup Husqvarna's) we feel this factory level setup is out of reach budget wise for the many.  

We have tried and tested this new KYB / WP AER fork kit by our good friends at 'Technical Touch EU' with great success.  We adjusted internal setting slightly to better suit our Aus conditions after initial testing.  Setting's are  now Available for C class riders right thru to 'A pro' or Vet level racers. 


Complete kit fitted to your fork AER Fork will be around $2600.  (kit by itself $2400).  We have all the bases and budgets now covered for a superior WP setup.

Our in house WP AER fork setup's are available in 3 stages to suit all budgets:

Stage 1 - Krooztune Valving / Mid Piston and Air to Spring  conversion Kit $1100 Installed

Stage 2 - KYB Kitted Wp Fork $2600 Installed ($2895 inc our 'FA' Flow Adjuster)

Stage 3 - KYB Factory Kit Fork and triple clamp Call for pricing 



More info on this kit available here - KYB Cartridge Kit for WP fork


Wilson Todd MX National N0.1 On Krooztune KYB    

Wilson Todd Mx National No.1 on Krooztune WP 

 Jed Beaton Krooztune KYB Mx National No.1 


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