Honda CRF450R 2021 Linkage Tested with Factory Honda AUS

Honda CRF450R 2021 Linkage Tested with Factory Honda AUS

We hit up the rough Wonthaggi circuit for testing on the all new Honda CRF450R straight after our test notes and info from the previous weekend’s MX race meeting here in Victoria, Australia.  With riders Kirk Gibbs (all new to Team Honda) and existing factory rider Brett Metcalfe we had good feedback all day across the tough technical track. 


After achieving great feeling in both the fork and shock we set about improving the chassis balance.  With a better suspension feeling with the shock sag set at 105mm the action through the rollers and bumps was exactly what we were after.  Both riders felt that the rear has a high feeling.  After testing firmer fork setting for front hold up in the front end ,as well as lower shock options (spring sag and softer valving in the rear unit) we felt we were compromising the good suspension feeling and most importantly loosing drive from the rear wheel trying to achieve perfect balance. 

We had noted this at the races on the Sunday, we quickly got abut manufacturing a prototype linkage pull rod for the 2021 Honda CRF450R.    With optional lower end buttons that we can change out on the linkage arm we could test .5mm,1mm and 1.5mm lower options quickly trackside.

For now, both riders felt the subtle .5mm worked best with a lower rear feeling without drastically changing the linkage setup. Improvements were made in the rollers and reduced wallow also were beneficial extra’s.

These Linkages are in production, we aim to test with riders further into January 2021.


Thanks to Brett Metcalfe, Kirk Gibbs and the Aus Honda Team for there efforts in testing this linkage.  What a day, with great results in both suspension and hard part testing with this all new bike!

Any info or to pre order please email to reserve a part in the first production run. 



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