YZ85 +10mm Supermini Kit
YZ85 +10mm Supermini Kit
YZ85 +10mm Supermini Kit
YZ85 +10mm Supermini Kit
YZ85 +10mm Supermini Kit
YZ85 +10mm Supermini Kit
YZ85 +10mm Supermini Kit

YZ85 +10mm Supermini Kit

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Yamaha Supermini Kit: Elevate Your YZ85 by +10mm

Introducing the Yamaha Supermini Kit, designed to raise the overall height of your YZ 85 by 10mm. This kit is perfect for taller riders who are competing in age class racing before transitioning to a 125cc bike.

Simple Installation:

  • Forks: Easily install our fork cap and preload spacers.
  • Shock: Achieve a higher rear end by swapping the internal sealhead unit.

All other components remain OEM, maintaining the bike's original setup. We've achieved impressive results with both OEM and revalved configurations, offering increased rider room and enhanced comfort for seamless transitions from sitting to standing.

For those racing both bikes, this kit minimizes the size gap, making it easier to switch classes on race day.

Tested with outstanding results in both off-road and motocross environments, the Yamaha Supermini Kit is the ideal upgrade for competitive riders seeking improved performance and comfort.

Parts available as individual components

Kit includes :

  • Shock Seal head
  • Fork Caps +10mm
  • Preload Spacers  


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