YZ65 Seat and Tank Lift kit
YZ65 Seat and Tank Lift kit
YZ65 Seat and Tank Lift kit
YZ65 Seat and Tank Lift kit

YZ65 Seat and Tank Lift kit

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Seat and Tank Lift kit for the Yamaha YZ65cc mini. 

Our kit raises the whole rider cockpit up 20mm allowing for the use of taller bars whilst retaining rider comfort and body position.  Achieved using custom engineered parts to work alongside the oem setup this kit was developed to suit taller 65 mini racers transitioning to the 85cc bike. Kit is best combined with taller bars or 85cc bar mounts. 

Oem YZ85 bar mounts work great with this kit!

Key benefits:

  • More knee clearance in deep ruts from the handlebar
  • Extended seat to foot peg distance avoiding cramped legs and increasing comfort for the taller riders.
  • When combined with high bars this kit allows rider body weight to stay over the front end, keeping grip on the front tyre through turns.
  • Overall a 20mm taller seat and tank height

Lift Kit Includes:

  • Tank Base Riser
  • Foam Cut outs
  • 2 x upper subframe brackets
  • 2 x lower subframe brackets
  • Seat tab
  • Carby extension parts
  • 2 Billet tank mounts
  • Hardware kit to allow a factory trouble free install.  
  • Full detailed and pictured step by step Instruction Included.

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