YZ 85/65 Fork Upgrade Kit

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Upgrade kit to improve the YZ85 and YZ65 KYB fork action. 

With this KYB Mini fork obviously being produced to a budget, several parts have been omitted in comparison to its rival KTM racers and senior level bikes.  We found increased rider feel in the hands , less harsh bottom out and a Smoother more aligned fork all the way thru the stroke. 

During KYB 'rear shock' testing we still had the mini test pilots commenting on this fork setting and smooth action in both 85 and 65 bikes, amazing especially when we were testing the shock! 

The fork is importantly missing a hydraulic bottoming system in stock trim.  This has any serious tuner scared of allowing this bike to use full travel to avoid jarring harsh and dangerous bottom outs.  We found the plastic spring guides allow the fork spring to deflect excessively inside the fork during action causing poor action, excess wear and spring noise.

During testing we found increasing the shim shim size, custom piston ports and valving/setting to match allowed far more options in tuning and rider feel. 

Shim setting to suit a B level racer supplied 

Our kit includes  

  • Close tolerance Spring guides 
  • Hydro/Bottoming Stop cones 
  • Hydro/Bottoming stop pistons 
  • 17mm Face Compression Pistons 
  • Valving Setting to suit the 17mm piston