Yamaha YZ65 Fork Upgrade Kit

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Fits Yamaha 65cc 2018-2021 Models

Our Yamaha fork upgrade kit brings this basic KYB fork up to speed with its EU rivals in KTM and Husqvarna.  The main issues we have found with the KYB mini fork in both 65 and 85 racers is the lack of parts internally. 

Poor spring guidance alongside a lack of a decent bottom out system results in a fork that rattles and bottoms harshly.  This poorly aligned setup matched to a basic shim setting leaves this fork behind in performance. 

Our upgrade kit addresses these issues and most importantly delivers a fork that is both plush in the hands of all speed mini racers and with great hold up for the faster pro mini racers.

 Kit includes

  • Spring Guides
  • Hydraulic Bottoming System
  • 17mm Face Compression piston
  • Mid valve shim stack setting including Shims
  • Base compression Setting including Shims
  • Rebound tuning shims
  • Specification sheet to cover all setup options for various speed riders A/pro, B and C level mini racers

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