Yamaha YZ/YZF/WRF/FX Adjustable Lowering Linkage

Yamaha YZ/YZF/WRF/FX Adjustable Lowering Linkage

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Adjustable Lowering Linkage designed to lower your Yamaha 20 or 30mm.  


YZ125/250 2005-2020

WR250F 2015-2020

WR450F 2016-2020

YZ250F 2007, 2009, 2014-2020

YZ450F 2009-2020

YZ250FX 2015-2020

YZ250X 2015-2020

YZ450F 2016-2020

YZ125X 2020

Yamaha Lowering linkage are preset to 30mm lower but easily changed to the 20mm option in seconds by simply pushing out and turning the rear offset button around. 

Full instruction on how to do this is supplied with each linkage.

Linkage includes Pre Installed Bearings for ease of fitment.  Seals and Bearing pin will need to be swapped across from the OEM linkage at time of install.  

Instruction included

Designed and CNC Machined at Krooztune HQ here in Australia.

Machined from 6061 Alloy specifically sourced from NZ and USA. 

Made in Australia


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