Yamaha / KYB Mid post float kit
Yamaha / KYB Mid post float kit

Yamaha / KYB Mid post float kit

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All new 2022 design

YZF Float Tunable posts to suit the new 29mm KYB 'SSS' cartridge fitted to most 2021- Yamaha models. 

The all new 29mm cartridge form Yamaha is nearly all fitted with a more solid 'Trampoline' style midvalve.  This offers great hold up but we find it sacrifices too much initial plushness for most riders. 

As this all new Tramploine style mid valve setup contains many more individual shims than this float post, we find a setting easly arranged from the OEM shims in the std midvalve.  

Example Installed in pic below to oem shafts using oem pistons and new shim arrangement :


We have redesigned this unit for 2022 and updated to include:

Kit includes

  • Post assembly
  • Light mid spring
  • Custom Nut and top plate washer

For example only our most common mid valve shim arrangement stack to achieve common float of .25 - .3mm as below to fit our post :  



12.3/4 (Spacer shims only) 


National Level Wins

From top level professionals down to weekend club moto we have tested settings proven at Australian Motocross Nationals events.

Testing 1,2

Track tested in real conditions accross multiple level riders

Penske Dyno

Instore dyno tested and recorded settings. Back to back before and after track testing to see exactly whats what!

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