Xplor Shock Upgrade Kit

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Xplor Shock upgrade it for the KTM EXC Offroad models.  Comes with 3 setting options so you can best decide the base valving setting most suited to you.

Kit Fits : All KTM Xplor Shocks 2017-2020

After hours on the trail with our test bike and riders we have put together an upgrade for the hard fast acting KTM Xplor shock. After trying various valving settings initial plushness was not completely achieved until we installed a bleed circuit  into the compression pathway just like other opposition brand suspension have.

The XPLOR shock has no ‘give’ on very initial action and softening the valving or setting only resulted in wallow and blow out. Our shaft bleed mod comes with a new compression valve spacer , CNC machined ready to bolt straight onto the shock shaft (replacing the oem shaft spacer swap in / out).  A simple procedure to drill the new bleed circuit is then required (very easy to do with our supplied drill bit and instruction).  All valving is ready to go on and assembled as per shock building procedures.

Kit Includes :

  • Complete Shock Valving / Shims 
  • Bleed / Bypass post
  • Drill bit for shock shaft modification
  • Xplor Nitrogen Bladder Conversion
  • Settings sheet including 3 valving setup options and shims to adjust.  Soft / Medium/ Firm 
  • Instruction's

**Optional shims included to adjust to all 3 setup's. Medium setting is pre installed on both compression and rebound, allowing minor simple changes if required at all from our setting recommendation.   


  1. Soft - Suits plush setting, absorbs all initial hits with ease.  We have great results with this with our Vet / Older riders that don't want to get beat up all day on long trail rides 
  2. Medium - Average fitness, Average speed.  Great all round setting . A balance between soft and firm. Bump absorption with great hold up.
  3. Firm - Ex Mx racer or fit/fast/tall guy riding on the trails at pace?  This setting works well for guys that like a firmer MX style feeling.  Rip hard fast Trail's ease.  Still not too firm but enough to charge hard. This setting was developed with our in house Vet MX racer after loving testing on the KTM EXC range.  

Shock Parts should be fitted by a competent suspension tuner or service shop