Xplor FA48 Mid Valve Post Assembly
Xplor FA48 Mid Valve Post Assembly

Xplor FA48 Mid Valve Post Assembly

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Our proven FA48 Mid Valve Assembly broken down to the main piece that controls the magic.  Adjusting shim float is done right here in this Mid Valve post assembly. 

This assembly works and adjusts well whilst using the OEM fork cap although changes are not as fine and controlled as when its paired to our Custom designed FA48 fork Cap.

Great adjustments at even better valvue.  The main issue with WP Xplor Forks right here.

This Assembly is very popular with Suspension Tuner's worldwide and installed alongside thier own idea's and setups.


National Level Wins

From top level professionals down to weekend club moto we have tested settings proven at Australian Motocross Nationals events.

Testing 1,2

Track tested in real conditions accross multiple level riders

Penske Dyno

Instore dyno tested and recorded settings. Back to back before and after track testing to see exactly whats what!

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