WP65 Mini Cartridge
WP65 Mini Cartridge
WP65 Mini Cartridge
WP65 Mini Cartridge
WP65 Mini Cartridge
WP65 Mini Cartridge
WP65 Mini Cartridge
WP65 Mini Cartridge
WP65 Mini Cartridge

WP65 Mini Cartridge

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Krooz Racing Mini Cartridge to suit all current WP35 forks.

Fits:  Husqvarna , KTM , GasGas 65cc bikes 2021-2023

Our Krooz Racing cartridge kit has been designed to offer a dual spring (Zero Air) option with big changes in adjustments to transform the OEM WP35 ‘Sticky’ Air fork action.   Most importantly with this design, it enables bigger swings of adjustment form Hard to Soft in both rebound and compression adjustment.    This enables us to offer a kit that is easily adjusted from soft to hard to suit a novice / medium to a fast level rider.

“Krooztune Flow Adjuster Equipped”

Key Features:

  • Flow Adjuster mechanism installed to compression leg offering superior compression adjustments over our competitors.
  • Dual spring fork (Zero Air)
  • Simple to install Complete cartridge ready to bolt straight into the OEM fork legs.
  • Ease of tuning for various rider speed and levels.
  • ‘Senior’ level Hydraulic bottoming system fitted.
  • Spring guide equipped offering smooth quiet spring fork operation.  

  - Springs Will need to be purchased to match this kit - 

- Spring Recommendation below -

The key to great noticeable compression adjustments is in our already popular and proven compression ‘Flow Adjuster’.  This key krooztune designed mechanism is engineered into the cartridge on the Left-hand side compression leg and offers a ‘re-valve’ like feeling just with simple clicker adjustment on the fork cap. From a super plush easy fork action suited to beginners straight to a fork with hold up and smooth operation to suit the faster A grade riders in seconds.   All easily adjusted on the compression side fork cap in seconds. 

This cap has fine machined increments to achieve the best desired setting.

Of course, this fork kit is Rebound adjustable, but we are finding not much adjustment is required to achieve good fork action across the common spring rates from our recommended setting. We have a setting guide supplied with each kit.


Kit Includes:

  • 2 x Complete Cartridge Assembly
  • 2 x Caps including preload washer installed
  • 2 x Tube Guide Bushes
  • Preload Washers and O-rings
  • Specification Sheet including clicker settings, oil heights and actual Shim Valving Arrangement (installed)
  • Install Instruction  

Install Tools available here:

-Complete Tool Kit ( All 3 tools ) 

-Install Multi tool 

-35mm Tube Clamp

-27mm Cartridge Clamp

 Spring Recommendation :

65cc Bikes - 

25-30kg 26 kg/mm
30-35kg 28 kg/mm
35-40kg 28 kg/mm
40-50kg 30 kg/mm
45kg Pro or 50kg + 32kg/mm

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