Xact 65cc Nitrogen Gas Bladder Kit WP

Xact 65cc Nitrogen Gas Bladder Kit WP

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All New Shrader Valve Gas filled!

Fits :

  • KTM 65cc 15-
  • Husqvarna 65cc All
  • Gas Gas 65cc All

Our Gas Bladder kit Converts your WP40 shock to a Bladder nitrogen system allowing the shock to perform at a high 'Factory' Level. 

The Oem Unit in these WP shocks have a floating piston standard that separates the oil and gas from mixing.  The issue with this while it is cheap to produce, generates heat and friction as the piston moves up and down along with the shocks movement when hitting bumps. 

We find a much better feeling and performance from this shock when it is changed to bladder system as found on the Factory WP Trax shock and all Japanese Showa/KYB units.  Making an already great WP shock even better.

All Kits are Billet machined and supplied with Genuine KYB bladders internally for a high quality, ease of ordering spares and reassurance.  Parts and Bladders near always in here at the shop.


Fits Models :



National Level Wins

From top level professionals down to weekend club moto we have tested settings proven at Australian Motocross Nationals events.

Testing 1,2

Track tested in real conditions accross multiple level riders

Penske Dyno

Instore dyno tested and recorded settings. Back to back before and after track testing to see exactly whats what!

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