WP Xact USD48 Base Fork Setup Kit 2T
WP Xact USD48 Base Fork Setup Kit 2T
WP Xact USD48 Base Fork Setup Kit 2T
WP Xact USD48 Base Fork Setup Kit 2T
WP Xact USD48 Base Fork Setup Kit 2T

WP Xact USD48 Base Fork Setup Kit 2T

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FIts: All new 2024- Xact USD 48 Cartridge forks


Expanding on the remarkable success of our Xplor fork and EXC testing, we have undertaken an extensive testing program and engaged in a meticulous reengineering process with the all new Xact 48 USD cartridge fork. These enhancements have been rigorously field-tested to cater to KTM's cutting-edge Xact USD 48 fork. The result is a suspension system that stands out for its refined performance and versatility, delivering an exceptionally plush sensation and an overall smoother ride.

Our kit is carefully crafted to provide plush initial settings, ensuring optimal support for handling more substantial impacts. We recognized that the OEM suspension often exhibited excessive harshness and overly firm action across various bikes equipped with the USD 48 forks as standard equipment. In response, our kit has been specifically designed to transform the riding experience, effortlessly absorbing obstacles like tree roots and sharp edges with ease.

Further refinement, fine-tuning is a breeze with the top-mounted OEM white clickers, offering superior small bump performance. This kit is fully compatible with WP Xact USD 48 forks and includes:

  1. 2x Compression 4 Port Pistons:  These come with pre-installed base valving settings.
  2. 2x RHS - Mid Post:  These include base settings and shims, ready for easy installation onto the OEM shaft.
  3. Comprehensive Installation Instructions: Step-by-step guidance for a hassle-free setup.
  4. Clicker Settings and Setup Information: Get the most out of your suspension with expert guidance.
  5. Additional Optional Valving Settings: Fine-tune your ride, adjusting to firmer or softer settings from the base configuration.

For optimal performance, we highly advise replacing the stock OEM Cartridge pressure springs with Softer Genuine WP Springs, Available here:

12n / 16n  Pressure Spring 

2 Stroke models we recommend the 12n Pressure Spring 

4 Stroke models we recommend the 16n Pressure Spring Option 


Install and fitment info  is outlined in the included kit instructions for detailed guidance.

 Key Features / Components:

  1. Midvalve/Rebound Post Assemblies: Designed to replace the OEM units without the need for changing shims or complex settings, these post assemblies can be effortlessly bolted onto the RHS fork cartridge rod pre assembled. Valving and settings are pre-configured to the base setting for seamless integration.

  2. Compression Pistons: Included are two 4-port compression pistons, complete with valving and shims settings, ready for installation onto the OEM compression posts. This design offers a softer plusher shim setting while maintaining superior control to prevent blowouts and shim fatigue. Our setup sheet provides various settings to suit your riding style, whether it's tight tech trail riding that requires soft settings, medium base settings, or firmer options for the faster guys that like that firmer holdup.

  3. Multiple Settings: Our setting table and sheets cover a range of shim settings, from soft to medium to firm. All our kits come pre-assembled and valved/shimmed to the base setting, making it easy to reconfigure to other shim settings according to your preference.

For a hassle-free installation, we also offer the following tools (available separately):

Transform your KTM's suspension performance with the Krooztune Suspensions KTM Xact USD 48 Fork Upgrade Kit, providing unmatched control and adaptability for an exceptional riding experience.

Service Parts Available via catalog

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Genuine KYB or Premium SKF Kits to complement the finest suspension builds

Genuine Slide Bushing

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