WP Xact Linkage Shock Setup Kit - Offroad 2020-2023

WP Xact Linkage Shock Setup Kit - Offroad 2020-2023

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Shock Setup kit

Offroad / Enduro / Trail  

Our 50mm CNC machined piston kit is designed and tested to offer multiple dyno and trail tested settings allowing much improved rebound control paired up with a compression setting selected to suit each rider.  A complete spec sheet is attached with each kit including any extra shims to adjust the setting from soft - medium or firm.           

Kit Fits - XACT 50mm Linkage shocks.  Husqvarna , KTM and GasGas Offroad bikes 2020 > 

 - Available including Xact Nitrogen Bladder click here - 

Kit includes:

  • Xact 50mm Piston with Genuine KYB Piston band 
  • Shim kit 
  • 3 option Compression setting Offroad Soft , Offroad Medium , Offroad Firm 
  • 4 option Rebound setting to match and work with shock springs range 36n thru to 55n WP shock springs  


  • Option to buy kit including the Nitrogen Bladder Conversion Kit  


Our kits are shipped with setting 'Offroad Medium' installed and arranged on a zip tie ready for installation at time of usual shock service.  Standard shock building procedure should be folowed by a qualified or competant shock builder. 

Our rebound setting is matched and shipped out to suit our most popular spring rate of 45n-51n. 

To adjust either compresion or rebound harder or softer we have a complete 'specification sheet' including the shims nessasary to change shim stack setting. 

All pistons are CNC machined and fitted with genuine KYB piston bands for ease of service and longevity.  (KYB Piston Band Part No. 120215000101)

Combined with WP's superior oem shock body this combination rsesults in minamal blow by and consisent dampring well past the oem service window.   

Offroad Settings: 

Choose the best compression setting to suit your needs matched to the correct rebound setting for your spring rate.  Settings are fine tuned as per usual with the OEM external compression and rebound adjusters.

Soft - Simply plush, a soft shock to avoid compression spikes and deliver superior grip to the rear wheel.  A great setting for light weight riders and technical slow speed specialists.

Medium - An All round trail setting.  Matched with great rebound control this setting will allow more stabilty under braking accross choppy conditions and down hills whilst retaining hold up off drop offs and trail jumps.

Firm- A setting better suited to ex mxers or fast enduro guns that push hard into washouts and bumps at speed.  We have many desert racers loving this setting on fast sandy whooped out sections .  Allowing hard fast riding without a wallowy feeling.

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