WP Air Fork Setup Kit- AER48
WP Air Fork Setup Kit- AER48
WP Air Fork Setup Kit- AER48

WP Air Fork Setup Kit- AER48

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AER 48 Kit

A complete Setup kit to tune the notriously harsh AER48 fork into a plush and forgiving fork.  Aimed and tested for a superior in hand feeling, better big bump absorption and less chatter. 

**Shown in photos assembled on rods for reference only**

Complete Kit Includes:

-Main Stack piston and valving setting/shims to match

-Complete ready to install Mid Valve Post assembly 

-Specification sheet including all settings (Soft - Medium - Firm) 

-All clicker and oil levels included 

Best fitted by competant suspension technician or mechanic with fork building and service knowledge.  

Kits ordered will be built and assembled to selected setting at time of purchase. *Shims not supplied to change to other settings on the spec sheet - Available seperate here. Option Shim Kit AER48 to build all 3 setting variants.

For best setting for AER fork we recomend tuning this kit matched to a WP genuine pressure spring 12n / #Red oem WP paint dot.  This is Oem standard in some models (125 and some offroad bikes) but difficult to completely list all oem models.  

12n Pressure spring available here (Single spring only required)


This kit features a main stack compression piston matched with valving tested to best suit the 4 port piston.  The beneifits here include more aggresive changes via the OEM external clicker, a softer more tunable stack that holds up to big fast hits whilst also retaining a plush feeling. 

The Mid Valve post is a complete bolt on unit and is pre set ready to go.  With adjustable float tested and balanced between a soft in hand feeling with enough dive under brakes to give you great tyre grip and turn in on slippery turns.  Fast Pro riders may feel this setup is too soft however we have had some amazing feedback with this kit installed accross many bikes from trail rider at slow speeds right up to B level Mx pilots.  The setting is easily adjusted accordingly to suit this variant in rider.

 Each kit comes complete with a specification sheet that shows all the settings below.  Optional shim kit to tune between these settings is available here if required -  

Ordering kit, select best option and this will be shipped pre assembled:

  • Soft / Offroad and light junior level mx
  • Medium / C level mx riders / Veteran (35+) mx speed or fast hard offroad
  • Firm / B level setting that suits a decent mx pace , tested plush enough to avoid arm pump and with enough hold up for a quick lap time.  

Pro level riders , contact us for a custom setting to suit.


12mm Shaft Clamp set is available here

Spanner WP 50mm

Service Parts Available via catalog

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