WP Xplor PDS shock setup kit  - 2T 2024
WP Xplor PDS shock setup kit  - 2T 2024
WP Xplor PDS shock setup kit  - 2T 2024

WP Xplor PDS shock setup kit - 2T 2024

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2024 KTM EXC PDS Shock Setup Kit – the best Xplor Shock Enhancement for KTM EXC/XC-W Offroad Trail Models.


  • Suitable for the all new 24 spec PDS Shock in KTM EXC/XC-W Models

After extensive trail testing with our in house team and riders, we've developed an upgrade kit to enhance the performance of the KTM Xplor shock, known for its hard wooden action and fast response. Despite experimenting with various valving settings, we found that achieving the desired initial plushness required the incorporation of a larger bleed circuit in the compression pathway, a feature seen in other leading brand suspensions as OEM.

The XPLOR shock's initial action lacks suppleness, and softening the valving or settings only led to wallow and blowout. Our shaft bleed modification alongside the action of our 4-port piston allows a more tuneable window in shim setting and results in a more plush shock initially.  You'll need to perform a simple drilling procedure for the new larger bleed circuit, a task made easy with our supplied drill bit and instructions. All valving/shim setting is pre-configured on our 4 port piston, please install always following oem / standard shock building procedures. 

The Kit Includes:

  • Shock 4 Port Piston Complete with Valving and Shim Settings
  • Drill Bit for Shock Shaft Modification
  • Xplor Nitrogen Bladder Conversion
  • Clicker Settings and Detailed Information
  • Specifications for Adjusting Base Valving Settings
  • Comprehensive Instruction Guide
  • **Optional shims are provided to fine-tune your setup. The medium setting is pre-installed on both compression and rebound, allowing for minor adjustments, if necessary, based on our recommended settings.

Shim Settings supplied:

  • Soft: Ideal for a plush, impact-absorbing setup, suitable for Vet riders and older individuals seeking a comfortable ride on long trail rides.
  • Medium: A versatile setting for those with average fitness and speed, striking a balance between softness and firmness. Offers effective bump absorption and stability.
  • Firm: Designed for ex-MX racers or fit, fast, and tall riders pushing the limits on the trails. This setting provides a firmer MX-style feel, allowing you to charge through fast-paced trails with confidence. Developed with input from our in-house Vet MX racer after extensive testing on KTM EXC bikes.

Please note that shock parts should be installed by a competent suspension tuner or service shop to ensure optimal performance and safety.

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