KTM Group 85cc Fork Setup Kit
KTM Group 85cc Fork Setup Kit
KTM Group 85cc Fork Setup Kit

KTM Group 85cc Fork Setup Kit

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Krooz Racing Front fork complete Valving and Piston setup to transform the Harsh oem WP damping system installed in all KTM Group 85cc Junior Motocross bikes. 

Fits :  KTM, Husqvarna and Gas Gas 85cc Mx Bikes 2018-2023 / WP 43mm AER fork. 

A much more progressive feeling is achieved with our piston design allowing a true plush at the start of stroke feeling with out the 'blowout' that is common on soft OEM revalved units.

In standard trim we find these forks too rigid and firm for all our test riders resulting in a Handlebar twitch or head shake situation. 

This setup kit especially paired to our Air to Spring conversion transforms this front end on these bikes.

Air to spring Kits can be found here 

Our settings are track tested on rough MX and dialled and 'staged' to offer 3 levels of setting.  Soft, Medium and Firm suited to our A/B/C level riders.  Our kit comes complete with instructions and the 'optional required' shims to change setting from soft , medium and firm.  Our kits are preset on medium as this setting near works best on most riders. 


Kit Includes:

- Complete ready to bolt on Mid Post assembly inc shims , piston and setting  

- Base compression Piston and shims and setting 

- Instruction / Setting 

- Optional Shims



Dyno tested in workshop and backed up and proven on track wit our 85cc Riders

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