Kawasaki KX450 Shock Setup Kit
Kawasaki KX450 Shock Setup Kit
Kawasaki KX450 Shock Setup Kit
Kawasaki KX450 Shock Setup Kit

Kawasaki KX450 Shock Setup Kit

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Kawasaki Shock Setup Kit for Kawasaki KX450 2024

Testing the 2024 KX450

In our initial testing of the 2024 KX450, we immediately noticed the rear shock unit felt quite stiff and unresponsive, particularly on rough tracks and in harsh conditions. To address this, we developed a comprehensive rear shock setup kit designed to improve drive and bump action with multiple settings for both compression and rebound.

Enhanced Shock Absorption and Comfort

Our rear shock setup kit resolves the OEM issues, providing excellent support while significantly enhancing bump absorption and overall comfort. The compression adjustments can be fine-tuned using the provided multiple setting options, allowing for a custom setup tailored to your riding speed and experience.

Optimized Rebound Control

On the rebound side, our kit includes dyno and track-tuned settings that match our best Krooztune track-tested configurations. Enhanced shock drive out of turns and a more stable rear over choppy bumps are achieved through a meticulously tuned rebound shim stack, designed to work seamlessly with our 4-port piston.

Comprehensive Settings Options

The supplied settings options are designed to complement your installed shock spring rate, accommodating most common springs and rider weights. This ensures superior rebound control, matched perfectly to both the rider and the spring rate.

Advanced Design and Durability

The kit features our Krooztune 4-port piston design, incorporated with a genuine KYB piston band for superior body sealing and durability. This design provides increased drive out of turns and excellent rebound control without a dead feeling. Multiple compression settings offer easily tunable comfort, improved bump action, and race performance tailored to your riding speed.

Easy Installation and Detailed Information

Settings are pre-arranged on the piston, ready to install, with additional settings easily installable. All necessary information and specification sheets are supplied with your order, ensuring a smooth and informed installation process.

Elevate your 2024 KX450's performance with our expertly crafted rear shock setup kit, designed to meet the demands of riders in varied conditions and riding styles.

Kit Includes:

  • Shock Piston Kit with valving/shims pre-arranged for preferred settings chosen at time of order. Multiple setting options are available to suit A, B, and C class riders, with a great option for the popular Jnr and VET MX class.  
  • Nitrogen Bladder Cap - replaces the OEM Rubber plug / Needle  gas refill Style setup to a more reliable and conventional shrader valve.  
  • Spring Seat - Dirt clearing spring seat that does not act like a mud bucket!  Improves shock cleaning and service life.  The oem unit continually fills with dirt wrecking the shock unit on bottom outs.  Our billet machined spring seat is super easy to clean out at everyday bike wash after riding, best of all it dries out and doesnt store moisture around the bottom out rubber.    



  • A Level: Ideal for fast A-grade pace. Plush on small bumps while retaining hold-up, and valved for faster riders.
  • B Level: More forgiving for those not quite fast enough to charge hard into and handle bumps throughout the whole moto at serious pace. Offers better comfort than the A level setting.
  • C Level: A forgiving shock setting that allows straight shock action, better big bump absorption, and stability at a more settled pace.
  • Vet Level Setting: While some faster vets (30+ years) might prefer the Faster set 'B' setting, most older riders benefit from this Vet custom setup. It offers superior drive, more forgiveness on sit-downs, and comfort through long motos. Paired with our Showa 32 fork kit, this bike performs exceptionally in Vet trim. Plush with great hold up . 

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