Kawasaki KX450 Complete Setup Kit
Kawasaki KX450 Complete Setup Kit
Kawasaki KX450 Complete Setup Kit
Kawasaki KX450 Complete Setup Kit
Kawasaki KX450 Complete Setup Kit
Kawasaki KX450 Complete Setup Kit

Kawasaki KX450 Complete Setup Kit

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Complete Setup Kit

Kawasaki KX450 2024 and 2019-23 KX Models

Fork and Shock Suspension Kit : 

Elevate your motocross performance with our complete suspension package, combining the expert engineering of our Kawasaki KX450 Shock Setup Kit for 2024 with the advanced Showa 32 Fork Setup Kit. This comprehensive solution offers balanced, high-performance handling for riders of all levels, ensuring exceptional comfort, control, and durability on any track.

Kawasaki KX450 Shock Setup Kit for 2024

Optimized Performance for 2024 KX450 In our rigorous testing of the 2024 Kawasaki KX450, we identified stiffness and unresponsiveness in the rear shock, particularly on rough tracks. Our comprehensive rear shock setup kit addresses these issues, significantly improving drive and bump absorption with customizable settings for both compression and rebound.

Shock Absorption and Comfort The rear shock setup kit resolves OEM limitations, offering excellent support and enhanced comfort. With multiple compression settings, riders can fine-tune their bike to match their speed and experience level, ensuring a tailored and responsive ride.

Advanced Rebound Control The kit includes dyno and track-tested rebound settings that enhance drive out of turns and stabilize the rear over choppy bumps. Our meticulously tuned rebound shim stack and 4-port piston work together to provide seamless and controlled shock performance.

Comprehensive Settings Options Accommodating most common springs and rider weights, the kit offers superior rebound control matched to both the rider and the spring rate. It includes multiple setting options, catering to A, B, and C class riders, as well as Jnr and VET MX classes.

Advanced Design and Durability Featuring the Krooztune 4-port piston design with a genuine KYB piston band, the kit ensures superior sealing and durability. The billet-machined spring seat prevents dirt buildup, improving service life and ease of maintenance.

Easy Installation and Detailed Information Pre-arranged settings on the piston allow for easy installation, with additional settings provided. Detailed information and specification sheets ensure a smooth and informed setup process.

Kit Includes:

  • Shock Piston Kit with pre-arranged valving/shims
  • Nitrogen Bladder Cap with Schrader valve
  • Dirt-clearing Spring Seat (2024 Models Only)

Showa 32 Fork Setup Kit

Ultimate Performance for Showa 49mm Forks Compatible with Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki off-road bikes, the Krooztune Showa Fork Piston Kit transforms your front suspension. Designed to provide a stable, smooth action with superior control, this kit outperforms standard setups.  This kit pairs perfectly with the Kawasaki shock setup kit.

Innovative Design Our kit replaces Showa's large port design with a 4-port piston featuring a 360-degree port design, allowing for superior oil flow. The 32mm face shims offer infinite tuning options, and multiple base setting options are included for customized performance.

Comprehensive Settings Including pre-assembled compression posts, base setting sheets, and mid-valve springs, the kit offers settings for both motocross and off-road conditions. Settings cater to all levels, from amateur to professional riders.

Easy Installation The bolt-on, pre-assembled kit comes with a selected base setting, ensuring straightforward installation and immediate performance gains. For a custom setup, our team is available to pre-install settings to your specifications.

Kit Includes:

  • Pre-assembled Compression Posts
  • Base Setting Sheets with multiple valving options
  • Compression Mid-Valve Springs
  • Settings for various riding levels and conditions

Experience Superior Handling and Balance

Complete bike setup kit for the Kawasaki KX450 2024 provides a perfectly balanced suspension system. Riders will benefit from enhanced cornering, better traction, and precise control. This complete suspension package is designed to meet the demands of riders in varied conditions, offering customizable and durable solutions for superior motocross performance.

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