Kawasaki KX450 19-22 / KX250 21-22 Performance Linkage
Kawasaki KX450 19-22 / KX250 21-22 Performance Linkage

Kawasaki KX450 19-22 / KX250 21-22 Performance Linkage

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Adjustable Billet Performance Linkage designed to lower and flatten the rear of your Kawasaki KX450/250. 


Kawasaki KX450 2019-2022/KX250 2021-2022 


  • Billet CNC machined Linkage fitted with reversable end button
  • Option Button Set 
  • Instruction  

The Linkage is installed at the +1mm longer option. This is our most popular option allowing a flatter rear end without lowering excessively or upsetting the chassis.

This works great under heavy braking and sand situations holding the rear end flat without the need to wind off shock spring preload or other measures to achieve this ride feeling. 

Fitting our other 'option' button supplied results in approx 10mm lowering of the rear end.  As these adjustable 2 buttons are 'offset and reversible' the complete options for lowering as listed below : 

  • Installed Button = 1mm / 6mm Linkage length.   Results in Approx - 5mm or 30mm lower at the seat height depending on installed button direction
  • Option Button = 2mm / 5mm - Approx - 10mm or 25mm lower at the seat height depending on installed button direction



Linkage includes Pre Installed Bearings for ease of fitment.  Seals and Bearing pin will need to be swapped across from the OEM linkage at time of install.  

Instruction included

Designed and CNC Machined at Krooztune HQ here in Australia.

Machined from 6061 Alloy specifically sourced from NZ and USA. 

Made in Australia

 0=5/30  1=10/25 

Part # KT-KXF19PL

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