Xact Linkage Shock / Xplor Fork Lowering Kit.  Husqvarna FE 18-23
Xact Linkage Shock / Xplor Fork Lowering Kit.  Husqvarna FE 18-23

Xact Linkage Shock / Xplor Fork Lowering Kit. Husqvarna FE 18-23

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Husqvarna FE lowering kit – WP Xplor Fork / WP Xact Rear

Fork and Shock Lowering kit designed to lower your Wp equipped Husqvarna FE Suspension

Fits 2018-2023 Husqvarna FE Models

  • FE250, FE350, FE450, FE501
  • TE150/i, TE250/i, TE300/i

Manufactured and CNC machined here in Australia to include 3 variants designed to lower your WP Xplor/Xact Suspension in either 20, 30 or 40mm. 

Our fork kit is made from billet alloy and matched with Acedal fork De-strokers. The Shock Base plate is machined from billet steel just like the OEM unit to retain factory function.  

This lowering kit is finished in all black to result in a factory look finish inside your forks and shock. 

Kit includes:

  • 2 x Fork De-strokers
  • 2 x Fork Spring Seats
  • 1 x Shock De-stroker base plate
  • Instruction


Our fork de-stroker kit simply installs on the Rebound/Damper rods against the original ‘top-out’ spring to professionally lower the fork.  The krooztune engineered billet alloy spring seats are then required to replace the oem seats to keep fork spring preload to spec.

Lowering the shock absorber is achieved using our CNC billet steel base plate, completely replacing the OEM unit and retaining original function whilst being lower.

The result is a bike that is professionally lowered and balanced just like the OEM stock bike, but with a lower seat height.    

Kits will fit WP Xplor Forks and WP XACT Shocks that come as OEM on Husqvarna FE bikes

This kit will not fit the TX/FX models.  Although they have same Xact linkage style rear shock these bikes are matched to WP AER48 air forks. 

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