Honda CRF 250/450 2017-20 Performance Linkage arms

Honda CRF 250/450 2017-20 Performance Linkage arms

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Honda CRF Performance Linkage Pull Rod / Arms.

Fits 2017-2020 Honda CRF 

Adjustable end Button resulting in 1,2,3,4 mm longer than OEM.  Most cases we are using 1mm option (pre fitted) for best outcome in performance. Lowers the rear and sits flatter under big braking bumps.  We had excellent results with juniors and sand specialists with this linkage. 

Includes 2 Buttons that are can be flipped around to achieve the result below.

Button 1 Fitted - 1mm and 4mm option (Number 1 to Rear of linkage =1mm)

Button 2 Fitted - 2mm and 3mm option (Number 2 to Rear of linkage =2mm)

Instruction Provided 



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