KTM SX-F Shock Setup Kit 23- 2T
KTM SX-F Shock Setup Kit 23- 2T
KTM SX-F Shock Setup Kit 23- 2T
KTM SX-F Shock Setup Kit 23- 2T

KTM SX-F Shock Setup Kit 23- 2T

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- Optional Alloy Spring Seat Available in Kit - 


  • Piston pre installed with Genuine KYB band
  • Specification sheet with multiple setting options
  • Shims pre arranged to base setting
  • Optional Settings included Jnr / Amatuer / intermediate / Pro / Vet

Tailored Specifications: The piston is specifically designed to fit the all new Xact Linkage style rear shock WP released for 2023 - models. Our pistons are CNC machined in house ensuring a precise fit and optimal performance in especially in WP's super accurate 50mm Xact Bore shocks.  Track and dyno tested to eliminate the OEM harsh wooden feeling and loose bouncy rebound action 

Improved Bump Absorption and rebound action: The piston 4 port design helps run a more progressive valving stack improving the bump action of the rear shock. It helps the shock absorb the big hits and rolling whoops whilst retaining amazing feel on small sharp braking bumps and choppy mx conditions, especially at higher speeds! 

Combined with accurate Rebound settings that are tailored to each spring rate resulting in less 'kick' and maximum rear wheel drive on corner exit.  This combined with the 4 port piston and custom valving allow these amazing results.

Rebound and Compression Settings: The piston is designed with rebound settings that matches up perfectly to various spring rates. It also offers three compression settings to best suit the rider's weight and speed. These settings allow for fine-tuning of the rear shock's setting for optimal performance. Simply read our guide , check out what rate shock spring you are running and install the rebound setting best matched to control your shock spring action.  This is info and setting are very good for tuning soft or heavy springs to allow for the best ride with out a bouncy or dead shock feeling.  

Genuine Piston Band: The rear shock piston comes with a genuine KYB piston band. This band ensures a long life and provides an accurate seal on the shock body. It is recommended to use the genuine KYB 50mm part supplied with the billet machined piston, particularly for the WP rear shock, to avoid any shock fade out we have experienced with aftermarket piston bands.  We have seen optimal piston sealing ensuring the valving is effective and less fade for many hours!

Custom Setting Option: We can offer custom settings for this rear shock piston, allowing for the best possible setup tailored to suit the individual rider. If you feel you are outside the window of tuning or want a special feel or setup simply email or call.  We have many setting bank here and a lot of industry experience to help you achieve the best result and feeling possible.  

For more information and personalized assistance, you can contact KroozTune at info@krooztune.com


The KroozTune 50mm WP XACT 23- Shock Piston provides improved performance, adjustability, and durability for the rear suspension of your KTM XCF or XC bike.  




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