Honda CBR250 / CBR300 Lowering Kit

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This Linkage/Fork kit Lowers the 2011-2019 Model Honda CBR250/300 in either 30mm or 50mm at the rear of this bike and 30mm in the front forks using our ‘Krooztune' Lowering kit. The kit comes with a linkage with bearings pre fitted. You will require the standard seals and sleeve out of the Original linkage to fit this part and it basically just bolts in as a replacement over the standard linkage.

The forks require a simple disassemble and installation of our 30mm destrokers and pre load spacers.  We slide the forks up through the triple clamps a further 20mm to match the rear (as our destrokers only lower the forks 30mm). This additional 20mm is only needed for 50mm kit.   

Kit Includes 

  • Lowering Linkage
  • Shorter Side Stand
  • Preload tubes 
  • internal fork De-Strokers