YZF 250/450F 2018-2022 Setup

Yamaha YZ250/450F KYB Suspension Setup 2018 - 2022 

All our YZF/KYB setups are built using high end HSPF oil.  Tested for less fade and better performance when hot.  Shock and fork internal threads are machine finished, polished and suspension is vacuum bled on assembly.  Our CNC end shock nuts enable a factory level finish on fitment and assembly.  We expect a faxctory level build on every set we work on.  

We agree the YZF runs one of the best OEM systems, with KYB cartridge and a solid shock to match.  We feel these settings are aimed at Pro level riders and suited at best to fast smooth tracks with big hits.  With our setup's we aim to improve the action for rough chatter and more realistic Aus MX conditions.  We have tried and tested setting from Vet level C thru to A pro.  Call a tech today to discuss the best option for you and to suit the budget.    

Base KYB/YZF Setup

YZF Suspension Setup - Including valving setting changes to best tested spec suited to rider weight, speed and application.    $800
High Speed Compression Piston - Less spike and a softer action into sharp bumps without the need to soften high speed compression valving.  A better feeling with less blowout. $60
Total Base Setup  $860


Springs may be required for most rider outside of the 75-85kg range.  Best springs will be recommended at time of setup.

Spring Set Forks $219.95
Spring Shock   $219.95


Best recommended Setup Options ( Added onto base setup)

Perfomance linkage - A flatter more settled bike into turns accross braking bumps.  Allows more stabilty at high speed especially in rough conditions.  Tested by the best YZF pilots and teams in Australasia- Ben Townley, Luke Clout, Hayden Mellross, CDR Yamaha  $249.95
Midvalve Float Post - Allows a controlled plusher setting with smoother fork action for C-B and Vet level Mx riders. A must for any YZF setup heading into offroad/Trail conditons  - or - See below: $149.95
Midvalve 'Flow Adjustable' Float Post.  The same function as our Midvalve float post but with external adjustment.  This is well suited to riders that want to dial in fork dive and compression from track to track or to suit weekend condtions.   'FA KIT' -Mid Float Adjustable- $295.00


Optional Extras 

SKF Sealkit $99.95

Xtrig Preload Adjuster 



All our YZF setups are assembled by Australias best suspension tech's, right here in Victoria, our KYB knowledge is second to none.  No.1 in AUS 9 times over with the KYB suspended Yamaha's. 

Kashima Coat / DLC Carbon legs and Factory Kit suspension are available also, call now for further info.