YZ65R Supermini

The Ultimate YZ65 Racer. 
We have re engineered this bike to achieve a mid size mini racer sized right inbetween the YZ65 and YZ85 Small Wheel bike.  
Our Full kit results in a 28mm longer wheelbase achieving great stability at speed.
It's also taller resulting in more suspension travel, large rider comfort and an increased seat height. 
Running biggest option with our latest 'Seat and Tank' riser kit and you can achieve a seat height of 820mm suiting the biggest 65cc Racer kids. 
Various levels and of setup and heights can be achieved.
Contact us for a custom quote and recommendation.


YZ65R Extension Kit Options:

Stage 1

+28mm longer and only 10mm taller
- Fit Rear swingarm extension kit. The natural outcome of fitting our longer swingarm results in a bike that is approx 10mm taller. We match this height to the fork via installation of our +10mm longer fork caps. 

Stage 2

Full Extended Kit - +28mm longer and +25mm taller. 
- Custom Krooztune Workshop install only -  
Installation of our swing arm extension kit and shock kit and further parts to end up at 28mm taller and longer.  The Fork runs both shorter 'top out' springs and longer Fork caps to match the custom rear height.

Stage 3

Stage 2 plus our Seat and Tank Lift kit resluting in a massive 820mm Seat height.  This option allows the use of either YZ85 alloy bar posts ( these posts are taller on the 85cc racer) or mini high bend bars eg Renthal etc...
Running these higher bars without the seat and tank lift kit creates too big a gap between the seat and the bar resulting in a chopper / harley effect and the rider simply cant weight the handle bar correctly on the race track.  


To build the YZ65R Super mini to your prefreed stage hieght a few steps need to be taken into consideration and understood.
  • The swingarm is cut and  modified. Our custom CNC ends are fabricated into an OEM arm by the best from V8 Supercars.  Race crafted.
  • A Longer Chain is fitted/Required to handle the increase in Swingarm length
  • Rear shock is modified by our interna top out plate to allow for further shock length if required. This setup is to obtain a total height to match the upgraded forks. Any rear shock setup/re-valve/parts are added at this stage of the build in the krooztune workshop . 
  • Front Fork is extended via our shorter 'top out' Springs and custom Billet alloy caps. Any upgrade or Kit parts are fitted and forks re-valved to suit spec's / rider weight and speed if required when building these up.

Full disassembly and re build of the fork and shock is necessary to fit these components and best done in house here in our workshop.  Change over swingarms available if you have a brand new or near brand new OEM arm.   

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