Complete Setup Solutions

FA48 Flow Adjuster - Shock Upgrade kit - Nitrogen Bladder 

Over 100+ hours of testing with our kit packaged together achieving a complete KTM EXC XC-W setup kit.


See 'Complete Suspenison Kit' in Hard Parts section below


Set the dive and the overall feel with the powerful 'FA' cap adjuster.  Once you are happy with the 'Hold up' and overall action, fine tune the harshness from small rocks and logs with our all new base compression adjuster  #dialled


Once you set your shock with the correct spring rate the Hard wooden fast action becomes fast apparent.  Our all new shock kit comes with rebound settings to match  all spring rates required. Achieve a comfort controlled ride with linkage like action with this trail tested shock kit.  


Our Fork and Shock kits now come complete with 3 x Base settings to start from.  All extra shims are supplied to build each setup.  From a cloud like plush setting to a firm setup to suit an ex Motox racer this kit is infinetly tunable.  Outside this tuning window?  Email us for further setting assistance.


After a lot of feedback from our test crew, riders and customers we have worked out more options with this kit offering higher performance, even more adjustability and most importantly greater value and choice of parts required to suit the budget.


FA48 FLow Adjuster

Revamped, tuned and further dialled in. Over 100+ trail hours in testing resulting in further gains and upgrades available for your Xplor fork. 



"Just purchased and fitted a complete Krooztune front and rear xplor upgrade kit to my 2018 KTM 300 tpi and I cannot believe the difference, it is sensational! and has sorted out all the inherent issues with these bikes . I have ridden other 300tpi's which were done by other tuners and they are like cork and cheese compared to mine. I fitted the kit by there instruction sheet and left my settings as the were from STD and it is perfect. Best money I have ever spent.

Russel Crockford

"I got stuck on a few steps on the kit install, great support by email and a phone call from the USA !!  Already impressed with the FA kit , even better results after I finally got the shock kit installed"

David Baird