Suspension Tech Required Late 20/2021

We are seeking an experienced suspension tech heading into 2021.  We are rapidly expanding and require a key guy for our workshop here in Boronia, Victoria.  This role will suit someone with suspension and or race team / workshop experience.    

80-100k depending on experience

 -Must want to be 100% part of Team Krooztune, this is critical

-Must have off road bike knowledge / mechanical aptitude with some or even better, a lot of Suspension knowledge.

-Must be self-motivated, clean and precise in nature.

-Motivated to excel at a high level

-Presentable, this is very important as this role will include being a key face of Krooztune including Workshop and Trackside duties 


This job will have plenty of potential for growth and learning. All settings and data including development will already be taken care of with a look to train the candidate into this ever-evolving role. We require strong workshop leadership skills combined with suspension building capabilities.


Trackside work will be required (we feel ex race team guys will be strong here) as we expand into a more structured setup and development program. 


This role does not need to be filled immediately; we aim to give plenty of time to find the right person.   A trial period will be run with wages scaled on knowledge and or experience.  


If you have previously enquired regarding a role here at krooztune please apply again for this 2021 position.  Job Trials starting once we are all up and running again, hopefully covid free with an aim to have a strong start for 2021. 


Job Trials start as early as Covid clears up.


Send applications and info to ATT Marty Ritchie   or Via our contact form