Rider Info Form


Download , Print and fill in our Rider Information form. 

Send in with your suspension or bring the form down to the shop at time of drop off ensuring we have the most accurate and up to date information.  

Can't Download this form? No problem, just some notes on rider weight (without gear), bike model and your name / phone number. We will call you as soon as we see the job at the shop.

*Not necessary for drop off's in store but it makes book in very simple if you have it already with you.

Krooztune Rider Info Form



GOOGLE Testimonials

I have just purchased and fitted a complete Krooztune front and rear xplor upgrade kit to my 2018 KTM 300 tpi and I cannot believe the difference, it is sensational! and has sorted out all the inherent issues with these bikes . I have ridden other 300tpi's which were done by other tuners and they are like cork and cheese compared to mine. I fitted the kit by there instruction sheet and left my settings as the were from STD and it is perfect. Best money I have ever spent. I had a few questions while fitting the kit, and they were great to deal with as well. I highly recommend 

Russell Crockford

I had Krooztune setup my WP suspension on my Sherco and it is easily the best money and mod I've ever done on my bikes, will take my next bike straight from the dealership to Krooztune. Thanks guys

J Rogers