Ensuring your KTM, Husqvarna or GasGas 65 bike is finely tuned suspension-wise is crucial for optimal handling and stability, particularly on demanding tracks. The rapid pace and sharp bumps formed up on the larger tracks can swiftly eat up suspension travel, posing a real challenge for younger riders on these small travel and small wheel racers. While adjusting springs and damping to match rider weight and speed is paramount, it's essential to acknowledge that there's no universal setup for every young rider’s size and height.  That's why we offer tailored solutions across three height variations, featuring multiple setup options to accommodate various budgets on the 65 machines.

We provide three distinct options to cater to diverse needs:

  1. Small: -20mm in height front and back. Ideal for youngsters weighing under 30kg, and a little too small for the 65cc bike ensuring a confidence building setup for their specific requirements.
  2. OEM: Standard fit for the perfect size 65 racers.
  3. Supermini Extended: +30mm longer and 20mm taller this kit is specifically designed for bigger kids who are ready to transition to the Small wheel 85cc bike in the near future. This option adds an additional 30mm in length and 20mm in height, providing enhanced suitability and comfort for riders.


OEM Size and fit Setup options


  1. Cartridge Kit Option: Priced at $1200AU, this comprehensive kit includes x2 fork springs, completely replacing the OEM air fork setup. Each kit is custom-valved to match the rider's speed and weight, ensuring optimal performance. Correct springs are provided at the time of purchase, resulting in a super smooth front end that can be finely tuned to race day conditions. Cartridge Kit 
  2. Flow 65 Kit: Available at $495AU, this bolt-in piston and valving kit enhances the OEM action while eliminating the need for the air fork. Springs are tailored to the rider's weight upon ordering, enhancing overall performance. Flow 65 Kit


  1. Shock Setup Kit: This kit, priced at $399AU, includes a piston and valving setup to optimize the rear end of the 65 racer for improved bump compliance, drive, and stability. Additionally, it comes with a nitrogen bladder kit for added performance benefits. Shock Setup Kit
  2. Shock Spring: If needed, a shock spring tailored to the rider's weight is available for $240AU 


Small Option

For models under 23, adding a destroker plate is necessary for the above options. Setting up the KTM 65 at a lowered height only requires a shock plate priced at $50AU. Note that the 2024 model features different bolt hole options from the OEM, rendering certain parts unnecessary.

Extended Option

  1. Swingarm: Crafted from +30mm billet alloy CNC machined for precision and durability, this swingarm is priced at $1500AU. It naturally results in a 15-20mm increase in height depending on axle position, enhancing overall performance. 

  1. Fork Axle Clamps: Priced at $495AU, these bolt-on axle lugs/clamps replace the lower clamp on the OEM fork leg entirely, resulting in a 25mm increase in height to match the rear. Tuning is facilitated via fork height adjustments in the clamps. Fork Axle Clamp