Yamaha YZ65cc Fork and Shock Suspension Upgrade Kit

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Fits Yamaha YZ65 2018-2021 Models

Both our 'Fork upgrade kit' and 'Shock upgrade kit' combined into a cost-effective complete suspension upgrade.  

A smoother fork action with great hold up is achieved in the front end resulting in more grip, faster turns and a settled fork.  The shock all new setup free’s up this hard 'dead' like oem action into a bike with more drive, more bump absorption and a stable rear end through rough choppy conditions.

This kit includes:

  • Fork Spring Guides 
  • Hydraulic Bottoming System
  • 17mm Face Compression piston
  • Mid valve shim stack setting including Shims
  • Base compression Setting including Shims
  • High and Low speed compression adjuster
  • Main piston assembly and shim setting
  • High volume gas bladder cap
  • Fast adjust alloy lockring
  • Specification with 3 levels of setup A/pro, B and C level racers. Rebound info to match spring rates is also included
  • Decal set 

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