WP Xact Performance Linkage System (Xact Linkage Bikes) KTM/HSQ/GAS
WP Xact Performance Linkage System (Xact Linkage Bikes) KTM/HSQ/GAS

WP Xact Performance Linkage System (Xact Linkage Bikes) KTM/HSQ/GAS

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A complete performance linkage system to suit WP equipped Linkage bikes  

Fits: KTM / Husqvarna Xact Linkage Bikes 2017-22 and the New Gas Gas models 2021-22

Recommended to run with 1-2 spring rates firmer than OEM recommendation.  We advise shock settings or clickers be adjusted by an experienced tuner to better match the stiffer spring rate required. 

The result: 

  • A free shock action with less mid stroke spike or ramp up.
  • Allows a more true to weight spring rate
  • Less pitch onto the forks with matched rebound damping rates
  • Easier to achieve full stroke movement across rough terrain without dumping internal compression valving. We feel this is a must have with light juniors or off road racers.
  • Soft to hard at a more controlled level.

Our system is a complete linkage assembly that changes the rising rate.  In simple terms this WP performance linkage system has a softer feeling, it’s more linear.  Not as soft as WP’s offering on KTM models Pre 2016, but nowhere near as hard or aggressive as the 16-22 linkage WP is utilising in the SXF / XCF and some Husqvarna models.  

By heading back towards a more true to weight spring rate (we are around 48n to 51n for most riders) with our linkage we have achieved a more free rear end. Less mid stroke spike and more fluid motion into the guard especially with lighter weight riders.  This was for us very noticeable with all junior and Veteran level motocross racers and especially in enduro/off-road for all riders.  Less wheel lift from the ground and more travel easily utilised across very rough terrain.

The accelerated shaft speed caused by WP Xact’s newest style steep rising rate linkage caused too many problems leaving internal valving critical from rider to rider and too variable across different terrains.   A very small window of tuning form too soft to hard resulted.

This hard / aggressive style of linkage is obvious with the need to run a very soft rate of spring fitted in oem trim. 2016-2022 model bikes ran around for example 39n (125) to a 42n (250F) spring as standard from the manufacturer. This soft spring matches the steep rising rate linkage.  A big difference from the norm, way outside the spring rates we are used to in mx and off road suspension tuning.

The older style WP/KTM linkage (from pre 2016 era) ran around 54n to 57n as a standard rate for reference, but many found this too lazy in action and with poor bottoming resistance.  

Comparing notes on these 2 varying popular linkages a big difference in oem spring rate is easily noted, with our KTM performance linkage we feel we have tested near the middle of these two options trying to engineer our linkage to take most advantage of both these varying designs.  On track with many local suspension tuners and riders we have already had great success.


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