KTM Group 65 Lift Kit
KTM Group 65 Lift Kit
KTM Group 65 Lift Kit
KTM Group 65 Lift Kit
KTM Group 65 Lift Kit
KTM Group 65 Lift Kit
KTM Group 65 Lift Kit

KTM Group 65 Lift Kit

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Fits:  KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas 65cc bikes 2020-23

- All New - Rubber Radiator Shroud mounts 

Krooz Racing Seat, tank and handlebar lift kit for the KTM group 65cc racers.  This kit will improve big rider comfort opening up the rider cockpit triangle by 20mm+.  Easier sit to stand, less cramped knees and more importantly more rider comfort over the longer moto's.  Alongside our matched Billet handle bar risers the rider can retain the correct body position through the corners especially keeping weight transferred over the handle bar.   

"Many times we see high handle bars fitted trackside with a low seat height, this making fast corner entry, rut speed and front tyre grip unobtainable.  Suspension and chassis setup is severely compromised in this situation"  Marty R - Krooztune Test Dept.

Seat and tank height is increased whilst retaining the correct seat / tank angle.  Our kit is designed to retain as much as possible the OEM geometry.   

Alongside this modification we have Riser bar posts and mounts that bolt straight to the OEM triple clamp allowing 4 positions front to back to obtain the best bar position for the rider.  This kit is available with or without handle bar posts.

Handle Bar Mounts only available here 

A key component to designing this kit was to ensure we have maximum strength over our competitors offerings.  We have keyed the subframe mounts into the frame arms, CNC machined out all parts to match and CAD Designed all parts to fit with the OEM frame as much as possible for maximum strength and reliability. 

Kit comes complete with step-by-step photo detailed instruction, allowing easy install.


 Kit Includes:

Krooz Alloy parts:

1 x Tank Base

1 x Tank Post

2 x Radiator Brackets

2 x Tank Mount Brackets

1 x Muffler Bracket

2 x Upper subframe mounts

2 x Lower Subframe mounts

Alloy Carb extension

Full Kit :

Handle bar posts and caps




2 x 200mm Zip Tie

2 x 20mm M8 Bolts

2 x 20mm Button/Dome head bolts

2 x25mm M6 Bolts

1 x M6x20mm Grub screw

3 x M4x4 Grub Screw

4 x M6 15mm bolts

2 x M6 Washers large

2 x M10 x 50mm Bolts

4 x M8 x 25mm Bolts

Oring 44mm x 2mm

 2 x M6mm x 30mm Bolts


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