Honda CRF1000 Africa Twin Lowering Kit

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Fits 2016-20 models and *Adventure Sport Models (available in 30mm Only Option) 

Our Honda Africa Twin lowering kit is designed to lower your motorcycle in two variants in either a – 30mm kit or -50mm kit*.  We have designed and manufactured this complete kit in house here at Krooztune from start to finish.

The main focus on designing this kit was to retain the Front to rear balance of the bike whilst lowering the bike closer to the ground . The common mistake of lowering the bike at one end only results in a bike that is out of balance, hard to steer and greatly affects the handling / chassis characteristics of this Motorcycle. 

*Adventure Sport Models are available in 30mm Only Option 



The Rear of this bike is lowered using a Billet Alloy Linkage arm machined from high grade 6061 Alloy. Once fitted this will lower the rear end of your bike by either 30 or 50mm depending on kit selected at time of purchase. Lowering the Front end of this bike needs to be done at a Motorcycle Repair shop or most likely a lot easier if it is performed at a mototrcycle suspension shop.

Our Honda Africa Twin Lowering Kit kit has all the parts and instructions necessary to complete this task easily and most of all accurately and professionally to retain the balance in this Motorcycle. After the bike has been lowered it will need a shorter side stand to retain the correct lean angle once parked.



The Africa twin lowering kit provides a billet stand using High Grade 6061 Alloy that simply bolts on and replaces the standard unit. 

The centre stand will need custom modification to better suit the lowered bike.  It will work once lowered but it is a little more difficult to operate and to get the bike into the upright centre stand position.  We provide the parts and instructions to complete these mod’s to the centre stand if needed. They are included with the kit and are in the fully pictured instruction manual.


  • Lowering linkage 
  • Fork lowering kit
  • Sidestand
  • Machined centre stand inserts to provide excellent strength to the custom modification of the genuine stand. These parts fit inside the cut down tubes to improve strength once re welded
  • Detailed Pictured Instruction / fitting Manual