Honda CRF1000 Africa Twin Billet Sidestand
Honda CRF1000 Africa Twin Billet Sidestand

Honda CRF1000 Africa Twin Billet Sidestand

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Billet Sidestand

Our Krooztune Billet Sidestand is a finely crafted piece of engineering designed specifically for Honda Africa Twin CRF1000 and CRF1100 models from 2016 to 2023, accommodating all variations.

Available for both 30mm and 50mm lowered Honda Africa Twin CRF1000 models, it also offers compatibility with the Adventure Sport variant that has undergone a 50mm reduction in ride height. We're pleased to announce that a 30mm Sidestand is currently in production.

Constructed from High-Grade 6061 Alloy, this sidestand effortlessly replaces the stock unit with a shorter length, ensuring the correct lean angle when your bike is parked.

To enhance your experience, each Billet Sidestand kit includes comprehensive instructions for custom modification of the center stand. While the center stand can function with a lowered bike, it may require a bit more effort to operate and achieve the upright center stand position.

Our kit includes all the necessary components and instructions to facilitate these center stand modifications. This process involves stand fabrication and the removal of the lowered amount. We provide steel sleeves, as depicted in the pictures, to simplify alignment and welding, resulting in a robust, factory-level job. Center stand sleeves and parts are thoughtfully included in the kit and are thoroughly explained in the fully illustrated instruction manual.

Please note that the Sidestand is currently available exclusively for the 50mm Lowered 'Adventure Sport' Model. However, if you are interested in the 30mm Sidestand, please feel free to reach out to us via email for further information and availability.

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