KTM500 EXC-F 2024 Krooztune Suspension kit test

KTM500 EXC-F 2024 Krooztune Suspension kit test

All new WP Cartridge Dual spring Fork and Xplor Shock for 2024 EXC Range 

In its stock OEM configuration, we identified a few  issues with the oem suspension setup. It delivered a ride that was overly firm and less forgiving, especially for our local conditions and trail riding speeds, despite being designed for a rider weight of 85- 95kg. After a thorough disassembly and inspection, it became evident that these bikes were configured on the firmer side, potentially more suited for open fireroads rather than tight trails and weekend warrior adventures.

Our initial ride experience confirmed this perception. While we appreciated the fork's performance, we believed it was tuned too stiff. The shock exhibited excellent anti-squat characteristics but lacked the confidence-inspiring feel we sought, instead feeling a little rigid compared to our expectations.

Our goal was to achieve a significantly plusher initial ride compared to the stock setup's wooden-like stiffness.

Forks: We took action by replacing the stiff oem pressure springs for lighter ones and installing our 4 Port compression pistons, offering a more forgiving feel. We also swapped out the mid posts and replaced them with Krooztune mid posts preconfigured with our desired mid-float and rebound settings in a Delta shim configuration. We retained the OEM fork springs and oil levels, making only minimal preload adjustments

(note there are no external preload adjustments this year)  For our Next test we will install our ‘Flow Adjuster ‘ mechanism to achieve big swings in settings from soft to hard on the trails , this will make it very easy to dial in for each rider! 

Shock: To enhance initial plushness, we introduced a larger rebound bleed in the post, similar to our previous Xplor kit. We took it a step further by installing our 46mm Xplor kit from last year. After extensive dyno testing and about six hours of tuning, we arrived at settings that satisfied us. The result was a shock that felt fantastic even in the shop – a big improvement over the stock configuration.

Trail test  Fork  : Our trail test yielded immediate results. The fork performed great straight away , providing minimal feedback through the handlebars on the trails. After a few kilometers, we adjusted the rebound and freed up the front end. The toolless adjusters on the OEM fork proved invaluable, allowing us to fine-tune it on the fly. The fork felt notably plush, and we plan to take this bike to a local track to test its performance at higher speeds and over jumps. Maybe There's potential to further optimize the compression valving without sacrificing plushness. We will see how it performs on extreme bottom outs and landings that may occur out of the blue on the trails  if you hit something unexpected or send a drop off too fast.  

Trail test Shock: With the front end feeling really comfortable, we left the shock unchanged for a 20-kilometer ride across varied terrain. It initially felt slightly firm but gradually softened (run-in) over the course of the trails.  It was a case of it’s not broke , don’t fix it so we will continue to assess its performance on future rides to ensure it meets our expectations.  Such a great feeling under drive especially up the hills and across slippery tree roots.  

Overall, we are stoked with how quickly we've achieved this ride feel on the bike. While we drew from prior knowledge and insights gained from testing older models, we're excited to surpass our previous benchmarks. We're certainly in the ballpark, and we couldn't be happier with the results.


For more information about our kits and parts, visit us at 👉 info@krooztune.com 

Kits available soon after further test .  Basic revalve , service , lowering all available right now via workshop