Alex Larwood's WBR / Bulk Nutrients / Yamaha YZ250F

Alex Larwood's WBR / Bulk Nutrients / Yamaha YZ250F

Krooztune / Beatons Pro Formula Test Program

No stranger to Krooztune and BPF, Alex knows what it takes to win championships and is well on his way to becoming a great test rider at such a young age.  At only 17 years old he is Krooztune's 2019 Junior MX National Champion winning last years Australian Title in Dominating form aboard his Krooztune Jnr setup YZ250F Yamaha.  Every one seen the results on the day but it was mid week at the test track that his Yamaha was dialled in to win.

This year is no different. Alex has stepped up to test a bunch of setup's and product for Krooztune. Testing suspension settings from a mid level 'B' rider right up to 'A pro' on our rough victorian tracks alongside new product, it proved to alex its not all about 'his' bike alone. The product and setting data obtained proved invaluable to both krooztune and for himself in dialling in his final setting without any doubts regarding suspension setup direction. 

Alex's KYB Fork:

Alex runs our fully developed 'FA' Flow Adjuster and mid post assemby's in his front end.  This way we could achieve a firm setup but a plush in hand feeling he has been used to as a junior.  To go faster we needed to build a fork with great hold up whilst still being plush enough for alex to go the distance over 30min moto's accross rough ground.

Alex finds his best setting running this FA adjuster quite tight , with only 3 or so clicks out giving him just enough plushness but without blow out or excessive dive.  We tested full hard on this adjuster but straight away we can see left to right handle bar movement trackside.  A few clicks out , perfect. Further tuning of the spring rate's and custom oil levels set the package for his front end.


Out back Alex's shock was a tricky setup.  Being a 'neutral to forward' style rider he needed a shock that was soft enough to gain drive on slippery ground without a heavy rider on top of it but firm to hold up through rough sand rollers at his rapid speed.  We tested multiple KYB springs in the rear but ultimately settled on a more linear option.  Reducing the spike in his shock, we installed our 'Flow' High speed Piston matched with custom valving. A low stiction piston band was fitted to avoid any major heat build up over long motos.  High Grade Oil , a vacuum bled shock and the race sag set to the 'mm' and the rear was dialled.  


As Alex gets faster we will fine tune the setting in both the fork and shock slightly as we move closer to racing.  Already a solid platform ready to hit the race track we know this bike will handle rough last moto conditions, and hopefuly race wins.  

Thanks - Alex and Stuart Larwood, Beaton's Pro Formula and WBR Yamaha

Full KYB parts and setup avaiable here now 


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