Xplor FA48 Fork Flow Adjuster kit - Gen1
Xplor FA48 Fork Flow Adjuster kit - Gen1
Xplor FA48 Fork Flow Adjuster kit - Gen1
Xplor FA48 Fork Flow Adjuster kit - Gen1

Xplor FA48 Fork Flow Adjuster kit - Gen1

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FLOW ADJUSTER KIT 'FA-48' 2017-2020 

Our successful 'FA48' Flow adjuster kit has been revamped, tuned and further dialed in over the last 2 years resulting in further gains and upgrades available for your WP Xplor fork. All updates available and will work with the 2020 models right back to the first year Xplor in 2017! 

Fits all WP Xplor Forks 

After a lot of feedback from our test crew, riders and customers we have worked out more options with this kit offering higher performance, even more adjust-ability and most importantly greater value.  

Our ‘Flow adjuster kit’ comes with a Mid-speed piston and new post assembly matched with a tune able shim stack to suit the Xplor48 fork.  This completely swaps in as a replacement for the very weak OEM Wp comp adjuster on the compression side cartridge rod. The Krooztune ‘FA’ fork cap is tuneable in fine increments allowing for a true 20+ clicks of workable and huge noticeable adjustment!

The latest addition of a 'Base adjuster'  we find a working range of around 16 clicks. This achieves a much more plush feel over the rocks and logs with huge gains in plushness without making the fork overall too soft or a mushy feeling.  

The powerful 'FA' adjuster can be set from a super firm setting (1 click out from full in) all the way through to a plush setting at around 18-20 clicks out.  Winding or clicking this Adjuster on the FA fork cap actually changes the comp shim float in the mid speed piston allows super powerful adjustment. Almost like a soft MX like setup to super plush setting in clicks.

Full Kit Includes:

  • FA Adjuster cap
  • Base compression adjuster
  • 2 x base compression pistons ( fitted to both sides )
  • Base compression shims / settings
  • New refined Mid valve assembly/adjuster complete with shims ready to go
  • 3 optional base shim settings - Soft/Medium/Firm
  • Full fitting instruction manual 
  • 12mm Clamp kit to install midvalve assembly


Our kit comes with 3 shim/setting options. We install Medium on all our kits unless advised otherwise, we can arrange to already pre set your option. Please leave in comment box at check out.  Setting sheet supplied


  1. Soft - Suits plush setting absorbs all intial hits with ease. We have great results with this with our Vet / Older guys that dont want to get beat up all day on long rides
  2. Medium - Average fitness, Average speed great all round setting . A balance between soft and firm. Bump absorption with great hold up.
  3. Firm - Ex Mx racer or fit / fast/ tall guy riding on the trails at pace?  This setting works well for guys that like a firmer mx style feeling.  Rip hard fast Trail's ease.  Still not too firm but enough to charge hard, setting developed with our in house Vet mx racer after loving testing on the KTM EXC range.  

See table below for our experience found in tuning our kit once installed, highlighting the main issues we found on our testing program.  We would adjust in these increments until great rider feeling is achieved.

Trouble shoot / issues   FA CAP ADJUSTER  FA BASE ADJUSTER 
Fork diving / running low  1 click firmer 
Fork Bottoming hard  1-2 clicks firmer
Fork Diving and overall soft 1-2 clicks firmer  1-2 clicks firmer
Fork running high in stroke/hard 1-2 clicks softer
Fork harsh on small rocks/ roots 1-2 clicks softer 
Small bump absorption tuning  Adj Softer or harder 
Jumps / fork dive / ride height feel Adj softer or harder  
Too Hard all over  2 clicks softer  2 clicks softer

**Clicks firmer 'in' clockwise direction / softer is 'out' anticlockwise** All Setting adjusted from the supplied 'Base Clicker' Setting

Test riders found a comfortable window fairly quickly that suited their ability and terrain in a matter of minutes.  After dialing in your FA adjuster for great hold up on downhills and landings, the fine tuning for tree roots, rocks and logs can be fine tuned with our base compression adjuster giving you the plushness and softer feel in your hands when riding the trails or racetrack.

The Setting is simply not 'stuck' on the Suspension tuners setting/valving specification.  Once installed you have the ability to virtually 'revalve' on the fly!

"Super Plush to mx like firm in seconds"   

Fitting this kit yourself?  KROOZR WP cap spanner is available in the xplor collection   

Dealer Pricing and Parts are Available Separate. Please send us a quick message in the box below and we will email pricing options

 Key Updates for all kits developed for 2020 

All new updates are added to all our kits right back to 2017 .  As time went by we refined the setup and setting options
  • 4 Port compression pistons for finer tuning ability and less ‘blow out’ on big hits. We can achieve firmer compression setting whilst retaining a plush feel changing to this design. Fitted to both fork legs with shim stacks supplied for easy install.
  • Fine tunable Compression Base adjuster. This replaces the stock non adjustable unit,  fitted to the bottom of the rebound fork only. This adjuster fitted to the rebound leg only will offer greater noticeable changes in compression setup. First off it runs a bleed from the system straight away making this plusher in hand. With a working range of around 4-20 clicks it allows for fine tuning of the compression on tree roots, rocks and small logs.  Take the sharp hits out while not adjusting the powerful flow adjuster. Ultimate Settings can be achieved by balancing out the 2 adjusters. This enables less stress on the tuner getting the setting perfect for you.  On our test bikes we ran the base adjuster on 10 clicks out and the FA on 16 clicks out.  Super plush with hold up straight off the bat!
  • Not happy with the valving and initial setting installed for you from the spec sheet or your local tuner? Re work it out on the trail. This kit is super adjustable, soft to hard.  Base Clicker setting and base FA setting supplied.  
  • All new valving/shim settings are available to suit all year model Xplor bikes. Got a 2017 bike? Upgrade to 2019 and now 2020 tested specs and setup easily. 3 base setting's are supplied 

Complete Fork and Shock Upgrade Kit available here 

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