YZ250/450F KYB Complete Bike Setup Kit

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A Complete KYB upgrade kit to suit current generation KYB forks and Shocks found in current spec YZ250/450F Motocross bikes.

Kit Fits :

YZ250F 2019-2021

YZ450F 2018-2021

Complete Kit Includes

  • Instruction
  • Setting sheet with 3 optional shim setting
  • Shock Hard parts kit Including Low stiction Piston band, CNC machined clamp nut and our trick 'Flow' High speed compression piston.
  • Fork Kit Including our all new 2020 tested 'Float' Mid Valve Posts in either Adjustable or Non Adjustable option.
  • Shaft Clamp tool to Install 'Float' Mid Valve Posts
  • Decals

*Hard Parts only option does not include Settings and shims to adjust from OEM.  This is available for tuners with there own shim stack / tested setting.  


We have been working hard to improve the already great YZF - KYB suspension that comes stock in current Gen WR's and YZF mx models.  Our custom valving alongside our all new complete setup kit gives superior tunability to the front fork and a much more compliant and consistent ride in the rear. 

Better rider 'in hand' feeling and a more plush initial action was the goal whilst testing the production fork.  The lead into ruts with many small bumps was dramtically improved.  Our new fork kit allows a more consistent (and adjustable via the 'FA' Flow Adjuster kit) build and resulting action. The tunable mid valve float instantly delivers reduced harshness accross the braking bumps whilst still balancing front end hold up at speed.  These adjustable and non adjustable Mid Valve posts allow super accurate mid flow builds , similar to factory level suspension setups.  

The rear shock parts include our latest 'Flow' highspeed comp piston , low stiction piston band and machined CNC clamp nut for consistent rebound action accross every build. 

YZF shocks are notorious for tight piston bands and often take many hours to wear in, great for a shock that never gets serviced. Extra stiction generating high and stress is bad for performance.  This band alongside our flow highspeed piston reduces comp spike and shock fade. 

The OEM nut and plate setup reduces the thread used via the shaft nut and often side loads rebound stacks resulting in variable dyno measured outcomes.  Want a consistent build for the shock, every thing has to be parrallel and consistent.... much like factory level equipment. Achieved with our clamp nut and shock kit.

The Black MXGP Factory Style fork guard sliders .... well they just look factory.

Shim Setting and Instruction to fit our parts included.  3 Options available in A/B/C Level rider settings and are supplied including the shims to modify your existing KYB OEM shock to suit.  Dont have OEM shims ?? Email us direct to supply a complete shim stack to bolt straight in.

Contact us for a workshop booking to install and supply an exact quote for you.  All our shocks are vaccum bled with our special 3 step procedure here in house making this job super easy in store. 

 This quote may include further wear parts (e.g. fork seals) and springs to better suit rider weight.

 Alex Larwood - Krooztune 2019 JNR 250 National Champion