KTM / HUSQVARNA KYB Factory Kit by Technical Touch

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The KYB factory kit spring fork with air-oil separated closed cartridge  design is well known in the mx-world for it’s precise damping setup,  customized by our experienced mx specialists. With all anodized internal parts and dlc-coated inner tubes, internal friction is reduced to the  minimum.

By adding a mid-speed valve, the kyb factory kit spring  fork can be adjusted over a much broader range. One of the extra  features of the factory kit spring fork is a custom spring collar which  supports the end of the stroke for a softer landing.

When you  place your order, for the best setting possible and adapted to your  riding style, we kindly ask you to fill in all these information :

This KYB kit suspension includes Xtrig Triple clamps and PHDS handlebar clamps.
Available for a wide range of models for both KTM an Husqvarna, for more info, contact us!


The KYB Factory KIT rear shock is one of the most versatile shock absorbers on the market, perfectly customized for the rider

With all anodized internal parts, a DLC coated piston rod, anodized triple adjuster and rebound adjuster, this is the ultimate shock absorber for mx and enduro. The shock comes standard with an x-trig pre-load adjuster to further improve the easy setup possibilities