Krooztune Xplor Gen2 'SOFT' Setting Tested

Krooztune Xplor Gen2 'SOFT' Setting Tested

Tested - Xplor Gen2 Softest Setting Update -

Out early morning in Gippsland, Victoria we hit the trails testing our 'SOFTEST' Generation2 Xplor Setting installed to our shop KTM500EXC.  Our latest Generation 2 kit comes with 3 ' install settings' to choose from at time of install,  and due to popular demand lately we got to work testing further and updating our plushest setup option.

Our updated valving (October 2022) offered further plushness to our ‘soft option setting’ on the sharp holes and slow speed bumps.  We drove the front end into square wombat holes, slippery angled logs and fallen trees.  The advantage of our plushest setup comes to life in the slower technical trails and especially when things get tricky and you feel over whelmed with the terrain.  In the damp conditions and rough track we found superior front end grip and feel.  Far above the stock / oem Xplor setup. 

Of course, we adjusted the compression ‘Flow Adjuster’ (LHS Fork cap) both harder and softer out on the trail.  We settled on recommended setting as the best across the whole ride.  One click out softer for tight trail was better and one click in from base for the fast road transit sections with water washout jumps helped the holdup along the ride.

Overall Feel? Our softest setting installed took us back to an early year WR setup feel,  bump absorbing and the bike to ride when the going gets tough!  A Plush bike that absorbed everything thrown at it using full stroke front and rear suspension travel.  The advantage with this setting especially is less rider fatigue and it’s simply a confidence building setup for the average weekend rider or light weight rider. 

Faster experienced riders and maybe guys that like sand whoops and washout hits will be best to install Medium or our firmer base valving setting at time of suspension building or kit install. 

Krooztune Gen2 Xplor Setting:

 Fork Setting:

Fine tune Compression - Base valves (underneath fork) - 15 clicks out

Rebound (RHS Forkcap ‘Red’) – 10 clicks out

Flow Adjuster compression (LHS fork cap ‘white’) – 5 clicks out

Fork Oil height (Set fork springs out fully collapsed) – 120mm

Fork Tube Height – 2 lines thru top clamp


Shock Setting:

Highspeed comp (17mm hex / top) – 2 turns out

Compression – 15

Rebound – 15

Ride Sag (Bike and rider in gear) – 115mm

Static/Free Sag (Bike under own weight) - 30mm


Fork Kit available here 

Shock Kit Available here

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